Skinny Rebel Workout

What they say:

Train Dirty's signature high intensity, full body workout with the option of wearing an altitude mask for some or all of the session. This is a personal training workout with a difference in London.

The gym - small but fully equipped
By wearing an altitude mask, the skinny rebel workout exposes the body to reduced oxygen levels. With less oxygen available in the air and less oxygen therefore circulating in your blood, the body makes captive changes as to how it uses oxygen as well as its available energy stores. The main benefits are an increase in lung capacity, energy production, anaerobic threshold, mental focus as well as re-training the way you breathe during high intensity workouts. Overall clients will receive a vigorous intense workout in a controlled indoor environment.

What we did:

Beginning with a quick warm up to prepare my body for what was about to come (trust me, I needed it!) we went straight into the workout. Tailoring the sessions to each individual, James explained that his sessions are made up of 4/5 rounds, each round consisting of two exercises performed back to back in a superset series. With the two exercises in each superset working on different muscles, the benefit of this is you can keep you heart rate up whilst letting the previous muscle group rest before the next set.

Round 4, part one - uphill sprints!

After 3 rounds of supersets containing everything from overhead squats, bear crawls, burpee presses and walking lunges (during which he threw in some shoulder presses, bicep curls and hammer curls), he unleashed the mask!

Mask on!

Reminding me of a war style gas mask, the mask gets strapped around the lower half of your face with the rubber mould going up to cover your mouth and nostrils. With only three valves at the front to let air in and out, it constricts the air to your body, forcing you to breath deeply in order to maximize the air flow you receive. Sounds simple, but when worn during three rounds of battle ropes and burpees, the simple notion of 'breathing' becomes a million more times difficult! As the oxygen flow to your muscles is so restricted, they have to work even harder and gain their energy source from elsewhere, therefore maximizing overall fat burn. Whilst your resting heart rate is decreased, your exercise-till-exhaustion (ETE) is increased, improving overall aerobic performance and strength.


Working out most days, I thought I was pretty fit therefore would be able to handle the mask. WRONG! Trust me, if you think your in good shape, you need to try this class out, as it will work your body and lungs in a way you've never worked before. The workout itself is intense enough, but the workout performed with the mask on? A complete game changer! It's no surprise 1 session can burn 1,000 calories in 45 mins!

Burpees with the mask!


James was encouraging, motivating and chatty, but kept focused on the workout at all times. As classes are small (with max 2 people) he tailors each session to every individual so, whilst some key exercises may get repeated, you will never get the exact same workout twice. Not only does this keep each session fresh and entertaining, but also ensures the muscles keep getting challenged in new ways.


Plush bathrooms!

Held at the 5 star hotel Conrad London St James, although the studio didn't have shower facilities with the usual luxury ammenities I'd look out for, the beautiful hotel environment certainly made up for it!

Lockers and fresh towels
And, whilst they didn't offer GHD's or luxury haircare, the gym was equipped with water, fruit, and even jars sweeties to restore your glycogen levels afterwards :P

Well earned!


At £40 per session, Skinny Rebel is a pricey workout even on London standards! Whilst I enjoyed the session and certainly felt the burn (during and after!), I don't think I would pay £40 to take part on a regular basis. Having said that, lucky to note that it IS on Classpass, meaning you can get access to this, and hundreds of other studios around London, from as little as £55 a month.

Would I go back?

Now that I have come to the end of my Classpass, and they have changed the subscription service (maximum 10 classes a month?! I would want that for a week!), I can't see myself signing up again, which leaves me with the option of paying £40 for a session. It actually puts Classpass back on the map as a more affordable option!


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