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Turf Games 2018

What they say:

We believe that team based competition brings out the best in everyone. The Turf Games is London’s first functional fitness and TEAM based immersive competition, where guys and girls across all levels of fitness can lift, run, flip, press and jump to try and outdo the competition.

What I say:

Considering last years first ever Active In Style / Active Man event at Farm Fitness as one of the best fitness events I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a lot!), although there’s been a number of meetups and workouts since then, nothing has ever quite been on the same scale. Until now, that is!

With five different studios on board, on Satuday 9th June over 300 ‘athletes’ gathered to take over the games pitch at Rosslyn Park, battling against one another to be crowned the winner of the first ever Turf Games 2018!

What we did:

With each of the five partners (Third Space, KXU, Core Collective, Farm Fitness and Gymbox) kitting out their own ‘arena’, every studio had to design a workout com…

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