Sport FX launch at 1Rebel

On Wednesday 12th October, the 1Rebel Ride class was taken over by new cosmetics brand SportFX. Celebrating the launch of their new sports cosmetics range, designed for active women on the go, fifty females gathered at the luxury St Mary's Axe studio, eagerly anticipating the highly acclaimed 'Ride' session....

Ride at legendary 1Rebel

What they say:

We don’t spin. We Ride. Smash your way through a high energy 30 or 45 minute Ride session against a pioneering weekly set of themed rides by our Rockstar instructors, live music from our house musicians. Ride is a full body workout incorporating hand weights, as well as immersive pyrotechnics never seen before in a fitness studio.

What I say:

Ok, so I now I know why 1Rebel gets such a good name - the class, the studio, the instructor - it was all totally worth the hype! With the blaring music, flashing lights and disco style atmosphere, it was almost hard NOT to want to work hard in this class. 

Sweat More Bitch Less - I like it already!

What we did:

Before going into the studio, we were provided with some clip in spin shoes - AKA cleats. Designed to help target your glutes, these shoes clip into the pedals on the bikes, meaning you get full range of movement and are able to pull as much as push on the pedals, engaging the entire leg muscles and enabling you to use the full power from your legs - trust me, you'll need it!! 

Sexy shoes?!

One in the studio and clipped into our bikes, we begin as most spin classes would with a gentle warm up to prepare our lower body for what was about to come. And we sure as hell needed that warmup, as what was about to come was a MAJOR leg blast! A combination of high intensity sprints, hill climbs and isolation tracks, it almost came as a warm welcome when we were told to take off all resistance and pick up our hand weights.

Hand weights at the ready

I say 'almost' came as a warm welcome as, trust me, the upper body track was not an opportunity to rest. Shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, isometric holds - we really were blasting the entire body here.

Intensity: 9/10

I always think with spin class you get out of it what you put in, however at 1Rebel it was hard NOT to put in 110%. With the low lighting, blaring music and high energy atmosphere, you feel more like your in club than a fitness studio, and that huge endorphin rush keeps you going each step of the way! It's no wonder GQ described the workout as "interval training on steriods"! 

Setting up, preparing for whats about to hit us!

Instructor: 8/10

Our instructor, was fierce - I have literally never had an instructor with so much energy and drive, she was literally jumping out her saddle and pouncing on anyone who dared turn down their resistance. If I'm 100% honest, she was potentially a little TOO enthusiastic for my liking. Nonetheless, you certainly can't fault her for her spirit - to encourage us on our final sprint to the end, she took to lassoing her towel round her head and squirting out liquid from her water bottle at all of us!

Amenities: 10/10

The Sports Edit - temptation for some pre class shopping

Very rarely do I give a studio a full 10/10 for amenities, but I wash honestly blown away with the offering at 1Rebel! Straight from walking in, we were greeted by a friendly reception where we signed in to be given a fluffy white towel, then making our way downstairs to the industrial-luxe style changing rooms.

Post workout cool down

With a Smeg fridge by the door containing chilled towels for post workout, it only got better as I went further inside to be greeted with Holly-wood style mirrors complete with all the essential pre and post workout essentials- nail files, cotton buds, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, hair spray, GHD's. It's no wonder 1Rebel is a celeb hotspot! 

Even USB phone chargers!

And, if after all that hard work you can't face prepping and preening yourself, you can even book in at the inhouse hairdressing studio and have it all done for you. Now that's what I call service! 

Book in for your blow dry


Supernatural Smoothies

With a healthy cafe offering smoothies, juices and a delicious range of healthy bites, they certainly make it easy to restore your glycogen levels post workout - you can even pre-order your protein smoothie so it's ready for your coming out your class. 

Get your orders in

And, if you REALLY fancy treating yourself, you can even opt for one of their superfood cocktails - yes, with real alcohol!! 

It really is a bar!

Price: 8/10

As with most of these boutique gyms, 1Rebel works on a pay as you go method, meaning no tie-ins or nasty monthly fees. A single class costs £20, towards the lower end of the London average so, whilst not 'cheap' per-say, 1Rebel certainly gives you what you pay for!

Would I go back?

Absolutely! Having heard rave reviews about their other 'Reshape' class - a Barry's Bootcamp style treadmill and free weights combo - alongside the 'Rumble' boxing and cardio session, I'll definitely be making a repeat visit to try these ones out! 

Post workout cheers!

Keep a look out on my blog for a full review of the Sport FX products themselves!!! 


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