Free Soul Vegan Protein

Now, I'll start this off by stating I am NOT a nutritionist, nor to I hold any qualifications that justify me giving nutritional advice. What I am saying here is simply my views, based on the experiences I have had, the information I've read, advice I've been given, and products I have tried.

Ok, so now that's out the way - let's talk protein powders! I first started using them about 12 years ago, for the pure purpose of helping to support my workouts as I began lifting weights at the gym. At the time, I had to overcome a lot of preconceptions surrounding all the 'bro' orientated powders stocked at all the health food stores nearby. In regards to something specifically tailored to towards women, 12 years ago, it simply wasn't available.

Luckily, now the market has caught up - protein powders aren't no longer just for dudes!! In fact, the market has caught up so much, there's almost too much out there. Too much that we don't necessarily know which ones to go for, which are going to help us achieve our goals, or which ones will actually taste half decent.... (on a recent insta poll I did, 74% of people said when it comes to protein supplements, taste is more important to them than macros, which I found surprising!)

One day someone will look at me the same way I
look at my Free Soul 

So, for all you hunting down taste, introducing.... Free Soul! I came across this brand back at this years Balance Festival . On the stand, they had a selection of whey and vegan samples to try and, in all honestly, I walked right past it, thinking it was 'just another protein brand'. However, when my friend Amy told me I literally HAD to try them, I took her word and wandered over to the stand. (On a side note, I made her try cauliflower.... I think we know who the better friend is!)

When it comes to type of protein powder, I've previously always favoured whey. The first reason being I tend to drink protein shakes immediately after a workout, therefore prefer the faster absorption properties in whey - basically, the protein reaches your muscle faster. Second reason- and why I tend to choose whey even when I ideally would prefer a slower release protein  (in the evening, for example) - is the taste. The most widely available alternative to whey tends to be a vegan (usually a blend of pea, brown rice, quinoa and/or hemp protein) which - and if you've tried a vegan protein before you'll appreciate when I say - can often take like your eating soil. Some call it 'earthy', I call it gross.

THE Best packaging slogan

Which is why, after trying the Free Soul whey protein, when I was invited to try the vegan blend, I politely refused.

"Honestly, just try a little bit, the chocolate is our bestseller.... we think you'll be surprised!" was their response. Ok, so never one to turn down anything chocolate flavoured, I gave it a go.... and from that moment, I was hooked!!!

Undoubtably the best tasting vegan protein I have ever come across, the chocolately flavouring is rich, but not overpowering; sweet, but not sickly so, and free from the synthetic taste that overpowers most flavoured supplements.

So, given the taste was so incomparable to anything I'd tried before, my head went to the macros (i.e. the carbs, protein and fat content - the macronutrients that make up any food type). Surely I was going to have to sacrifice the macros for the taste here, even just a little?

Homemade Free Soul Protein Balls - best balls I've had in years :P

Turns out, I needn't sacrifice on either! With 20g of protein to only 1g fat/4g carbs, the macros are on a par to most of the top whey brands out there, and even better than the majority of the 'tastes like dirt' vegan brands out there (who generally have a much higher carb and fat to protein ratio). Going beyond the basic macros (which I have been guilty of focusing on, cause #IIFYM), an important part of what Free Soul also offer are the micro nutrients - i.e. the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals, and antioxidants that are essential for good health.

Also offer a range of nutritional vitamins and supplements

More importantly, as Free Soul is targeted specifically towards females, their formula is too - and the blend of natural ingredients is carefully selected to support everything from hair, skin and nails, to bone density and hormonal balance. Without getting too in-depth here, I have spoken out on my instragram about hormone balance and how, in our fitness crazy society, it genuinely scares me the amount of females in fitness who don't receive their monthly cycle.  What was previously referred to by medics as 'The Female Athlete Triad' - which amenorrhea (loss of periods) is a key criteria - is now being more commonly referred to as RED-S (relative energy deficiency in sports) - highlighting that the issue is no longer confined to your athlete, but your everyday girl gym.

I speak from personal experience when I say, this is not normal, and this is not OK. I'm not saying if you are suffering from loss of periods that taking a protein powder will immediately bring them back - there's a whole host of lifestyle factors that need to be taken into consideration - your training schedule, rest, recovery, diet and nutrition. However, if you want to nourish your body with all the nutrition it needs to support an active lifestyle, Free Soul Protein is a pretty good place to start. And it just so helps that it tastes banging too :P

Protein Peanut Butter cups. Yep, I did!

The Need to Know

Highlights- THE TASTE! And the macros!!! Seriously though - when do you ever find something that has incredible ratings on both??

Lowlights - If I had to say something, I'd say it's the fact there's only shakes available. Please Free Soul, some sort of protein bar/ball would be the DREAM!

Where can I buy? - Available to order direct from , the brand are now also stocked in leading pharmacy's such as Superdrug, and leading fitness studios around London including BXR in Marylebone.

How much is it? A 600g bag RRP's at £24. With 20 servings per bag, it works out at just £1.20 a serving. For something that satisfies my chocolate craving without feeling like a compromise, WHILST upping my protein levels, it's worth every penny!

Free Soul Squad <3


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    1. Is your body making the most of all the protein you’re consuming?

      Let’s face it: No protein, no growth.

      And we’ve all been bombarded with the latest trends in protein powders, weight gainers, lean gainers, combined protein, plant protein, whey, and egg etc……and the list goes on and on.

      But one of the harsh realities I’ve learned from peak performance expert Wade Lightheart is this:

      Most of the protein individuals consume ends up in one of two places.

      One is your toilet bowl.

      And the second place is in a nice layer of sludge somewhere in your digestive tract.

      And that all adds up to one GIANT-SIZED WASTE OF MONEY AND EFFORT from all the food you’re eating — especially if you’re taking protein supplements.

      You’re absorbing and using only a tiny fraction of the nutrients you’re taking in.

      Enzymes digest your food, stimulate your brain, provide cellular energy, and repair all the cells, tissues and organs of your body.

      Enzymes are the sparks that make everything happen.

      AND HERE’S THE BAD NEWS: Our bodies have a LIMITED enzyme-producing capacity, which naturally declines as we age. (In fact, most individuals have only 30 percent of their enzyme potential by the time they are 40 years old!).

      Your body naturally produces over 3,000 different types of enzymes, yet our ONLY external source of enzymes comes from THE FOOD WE EAT.

      Digestive enzymes are found naturally in ALL food, whether it’s fruits, vegetables, or meats.

      However, most of the food we consume in our modern diets is completely devoid of enzymes, because of how we grow, prepare and transport it.


      In other words, all cooked food is deficient in digestive enzymes, leaving very little to break down your food.

      This means most of us are UNABLE to effectively digest the protein we eat.

      And that’s pretty shocking and scary when you think about it.

      But don’t be too alarmed, because some very bright scientist brains have thankfully figured out a solution:


      You see, it turns out that enzymes are perhaps the most overlooked component of digestive health.

      Not only are digestive enzymes required for the breakdown and digestion of food. But their benefits extend well beyond that too…

      World-renowned colon expert Dr. Hiromi Shinya suggests in his book “The Enzyme Factor”, that undigested protein — particularly from milk products, fast food and red meat — can become ‘food’ for “bad” bacteria.

      And these bad bacteria create all kinds of toxins that leak into the blood stream.

      Meanwhile Dr. Edward Howell, author of “Enzyme Nutrition”, has demonstrated conclusively that using digestive enzymes can improve digestion, regulate weight, and ease the symptoms of a variety of health conditions.


      If you take a look around, you’ll find a whole bunch of enzyme formulations being sold in the market. But they’re certainly not all created equal — especially when it comes to the enzyme that digests protein: PROTEASE.

      And there’s a big reason of this…

      Protease is the most expensive of the enzymes to make.

      And there are several kinds of protease enzymes.

      And while most formulations have high levels of amylase (digests carbohydrates), or lipase (digests fats), the protease (digests protein) tends to be LOW QUALITY and in low amounts with most formulations.

      And it’s called MASSZYMES: Masszymes digestive enzymes

      P.S. Did you know that taking a protease supplement can actually help reduce strength loss, and boost short-term strength recovery too when you train?

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