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SpeedFlex, Aldgate

What they say:

"Without getting too technical, you only get what you give. Speedflex machines respond to you.

Suitable for anyone of any age or fitness level, Speedflex enables everyone to exercise at high intensities, but at levels set by each individual.

This coupled with the added benefit of little (or no) post training muscle soreness; Speedflex is efficient, enjoyable and delivers a cardiovascular and resistance workout simultaneously."

What I say:

When I was first invited to try Speedflex, I've got to admit, I was a little (a lot!) skeptical. The promise of little or no muscle soreness, as appealing as it is, doesn't make sense to me. When you train, particularly in strength, you create tiny little micro tears in the muscle, and when you rest your body replenishes these whilst adapting to stress i.e. growing the muscle so that the next time it is more prepared. Therefore, in my mind, if Speedflex is promising no muscle soreness either 1. it doesn't work, or …

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