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Fitness Space, Wapping

We all know the feeling. January comes, a month of eating, drinking and partying behind you, and you’re into the new year feeling refreshed and ready to become the fittest, strongest, healthiest version of you you’ve ever been before. You get lured in by one of the many cheap gym memberships on offer, buy yourself some new trainers, be ‘really good’ and book yourself into a class every day….. then February hits, the momentum loses, and suddenly that ‘fittest you’ becomes a distant memory!

Which is where Fitness Space in Wapping comes in. Unlike some gyms, they’re not interested in signing up people for a gym membership they’ll never use, taking their money and forgetting about them. Instead, they assign you a personalised fitness coach, book you in for a detailed consulation, design you a bespoke workout based on your personal goals and training history…. And provide you with all the necessary tools to stick to it!

Sounds good right, but how did it live up in practice? You know what,…

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