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Bali Bali, Covent Garden

You ask - you get! After the foodie side to my blog went by the wayside just a tad as the fitness reviews took over, I've been receiving numerous in-mails from you guys asking for them to return. So here we are - starting off with Best Indonesian in Central London, Bali Bali…

What they say:
The nearest you can get to Indonesia, without the bother of getting on an aeroplane.

A truly authentic Indonesian restaurant in the heart of London's West End. Over the years we have steadily built a reputation as a venue where you can relax, enjoy excellent food and find yourself in a little part of Indonesia.
What I say:
OK, so I have to admit, Bali Bali isn’t necessarily the swankiest of restaurants. It’s not necessarily somewhere you would look at from the outside and think to yourself, I HAVE to go there. Nonetheless, it’s always the hidden, unpretentious gems that turn out to be the true stars, and Bali Bali was certainly no exception!

What we ate:
As we pondered over a menu full of del…

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