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Cardio Sweat by BXR

What they say:
At Sweat by BXR our Cardio room utilises the VersaClimber; this will be Europe’s first ever dedicated ‘group’ VersaClimber session – A machine that mimics the natural motion of climbing. It is a 75-degree vertical rail with pedals and handles. There are a number of variables that can be tweaked including handle height, stroke length and resistance.

What I say:

As Europe's first ever dedicated VersaClimber class, the brand new Cardio Sweat by BXR, recently opened in Marylebone, has been receiving a LOT of attention. Having already used the stand-alone VersaClimber machines many times at Third Space London, I was fairly familiar with the concept - but a full 45 minutes of it? I was in for a new challenge!

But what even is a VersaClimber?

OK, so a VersaClimber is basically a machine that combines a lower body stepper and upper body climber to provide you a full body workout. Consisting of a 75 degree vertical beam with handles and foot peddles, alongside a dial to alter …

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