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Efficient Fitness Retreats, Spain

Incase you hadn't realized from some of my previous reviews (Healthy Options, Ocean Soul )  - I love a retreat! I mean, multiple daily workouts; incredible, delicious and healthy food; sunbathing poolside in warmer climates - it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but this is definitely Hannah's kinda holiday :-)

So, when I was told about Efficient Fitness Retreats - a four day all inclusive break held in Andalusia, Spain - it took me oh, all of about 3 seconds to sign on the dotted line! Here is how it went down.... Pre Retreat Yep, you heard that right - Pre Retreat! One of the unique things that I absolutely loved about Efficient Fitness was that the fun didn't just start at the airport but, prior to holiday, all participants are given a pre retreat assessment, allowing Stevie (Personal Trainer and founder of Efficient Fitness) to fully assess your body - alignment, strengths, weaknesses - and tailor the retreat workouts to each participants needs.

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