Sweat X at Third Space London

What they say:

"The most effective way to define and sculpt your body. 20-25 mins interval training on the treadmill combined with 20-25 mins of conditioning work using hand weights and pull up bars to give the maximum fat burn torching up to 1000 calories"

It's the class on everyones minds.... Sweat X

What I say: 

If you've got me on Instagram, you'll know the class I'm talking about. And, now that the awesome Sweat X class has launched at Third Space Marylebone. my obsession with the Third Space's signature cardio and strength class is only on the up! 

Sweat X Crew at Third Space Soho

What we did:

A mix of treadmills and bodyweight/strength work, think Barry's Bootcamp/1Rebel.... only better! With the class split into two groups, one half begins on the treadmills, the other half on the rig, completing rounds of anything from 8-12 minutes on each section, before switching, usually for 2/3 rounds.

Sneak peak! 

On the treadmills, it's a combination of high intensity hills and sprints, pushing up the speed and/or incline as instructed by the trainer at set intervals. Whether it be a 30 sec sprint at 20 mph, a 1 min climb at incline 15, or my "favourite" deadmills (when you turn out the treadmill and move the belt with your own leg strength), you can be sure you're speed, endurance and power will all be put to the test!

Treadmills in full flow at Third Space Soho

On the rig, TRX, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Resistance bands and battle ropes are all part of the game, as you complete 1 minute sets on each piece of equipment before moving straight onto the next in the circuit. So, unlike Barry's and 1Rebel, where you tend to be fumbling around a little to get your weights sorted, Sweat X involves no rest in betweens stations, keeping your heart rate up and calorie burn to the max. We've 1000 to do in under an hour, remember!

Rig Team at Third Space Soho

Third Space Marylebone Rig Team
Intensity: 9/10

High intensity, high impact, and a LOT of energy, the fast pace of this class might be a bit of a shock to the system for some, but what I can assure you is it's a LOT of fun! As with everything, it's always up to you how hard you make it, but with the option to keep increasing your speed and/or incline on the treads, and a number of more or less intense options on the rig, you really have no excuse NOT to be a sweaty mess by the time the class is over! 

Slo-Mo at Marylebone

Instructors: 10/10

Having taken classes by a number of different instructors, although I've never had a poor one yet, it tends to be the classes by Callum (Third Space Soho, Marylebone & Tower Bridge) and Seb (Third Space Marylebone) that are my favourite. The great thing about these classes is that because there is a relatively smaller number of participants in each session (10- 15, depending on the gym you're at), the instructors are able to properly advise and correct any exercises you may not be performing fully.

On the treads at Tower Bridge

Not only this, but because they get to know you and know what you're capable of, they know exactly when you're not performing to your full potential (which can be both a good and bad thing... depending on how energetic you're feeling!). I can assure you, they don't miss a trick.... noted when Callum shouts to the class "Speed up by 2km everyone...... Hannah I am standing right behind you and I am not moving until you do it". Busted! 

Sound device with earphones for music and the instructors voice

Amenities: 9/10

With Cowshed shampoo and conditioner in the showers, fresh fluffy white towels, deodorant, hair spray, make-up remover, even disposable toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwash... every need is catered for! All you have to bring is yourself.... so there really is no excuse to skip that session. Not only this, but because Third Space is an actual gym (as opposed to just a studio), you can also take advantage of the pool, sauna, steam room etc too. Now that's something you won't get at Barry's....

Changing rooms at Tower Bridge

Price: 8/10

Available to members of The Third Space only, with full membership costing £159, admittedly it's not cheap... but when you consider Barry's, 1Rebel, Psycle etc all costing £20+ a class, given the membership includes unlimited classes from top end PT's, and full use of the gym, I would argue it's great value for anyone really serious about improving their fitness.

Challenge Complete at Third Space Soho with Lucy and Callum
If, like me, you prefer working out with friends, they do also offer guest passes available for £25 per day. Perfect if you want to the classes and facilities a shot without committing to yourself .... as Lucy (above) did after spotting it consistently on my Insta story! 

Yet another session at Marylebone

Would  I go back?

Silly question.... Mondays, Thursday and Saturday mornings are now dedicated to Sweat X :P Come join me! 

Seb's Savage Saturdays! Sweat X, TRX, Watt bike.... then collapse!


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