Lululemon Personal Training with Barry's Bootcamp Olly Truelove

What they say:

Join our Covent Garden community for a complimentary sweat on Sunday February 21st for a personal training session led by Olly Truelove. With a wide-ranging and multi-discipline background including rugby, athletics, squash and long distance running, partnered with a degree in biological sciences and a keen interest in food, Olly Truelove has all bases covered when it comes to strength training, conditioning and diet. Whatever your goals, Olly’s fun but no-nonsense style will have have you coming back for more as you exceed your personal expectations and more.  And yes, that is his real surname. As always, first come first mat.

What we did:

Everything and anything! When our warm up involved one minute of walkouts, straight into press ups, and then another minute of mountain climbers, all repeated three times, with no break, I knew this was going to be no ordinary Sunday morning!

It was all smiles to begin with....
And turns out that the high intensity supersets weren't just reserved for the warm up. Oh no, we were going to be doing for the full hour! First up was the leg burn, with lunges, squats and lunge jumps which, just as we thought we had finished, we had to hold in that position and and pulse for another 30 seconds. Straight into upper body, we went for more press up's combined with mountain climbers for abs and, of course, every personal trainers' favourite - burpees!

Next, Olly took a fun and unusual twist to the class, and had us team up in pairs for the second half. Not that this fun twist let us off the hard work - if anything, it was even more intense! Teaming up with my friend Sasha (a personal trainer herself....big mistake!), the first dual exercise involved one person on the floor holding plank, while the other person did a burpee jumps over their back, with a press up on the floor, before jumping over to the other side.... and repeating for a minute! Next, we sat facing one another to go into sit ups, clapping each others hands in the middle, then more plank work with a fun one arm push up.

Making it fun with some claps
Working into that core!

To finish, Olly told us we would perform 15 burpees in the space of a minute. If we finished before the minute was up, we could rest, before the next minute started and we would do another 15 burpees. And this would be repeated 5 times. Basically, this was a round about way of saying he was giving us 5 MINUTES OF BURPEES!

Intensity: 10/10

After reading the above, this rating will probably not come as any surprise to you... it was most definitely the most intense session I've had in a while. But also most definitely one of the most enjoyable down to the amazing energy Olly's managed to spread to us all - as he jumped up on Lululemons till counter to demonstrate the next set, having us all continually moving from one exercise straight into the next, he had the music blaring and endorphins pumping, most definitely making sure this high energy class left us all buzzing!

Lying on our backs with a well deserved round of applause to finish!

Price: 10/10

As you may remember from my previous post about Lululemon's classes - they are all absolutely free!! With a range of activities on offer - Yoga, Bootcamp, Barre, even Run Club - there really is something for everyone, therefore a great option for those who can't justify the cost of a specialist gym (or those who would just prefer to spend the money on the fantastic Lululemon workout gear).

Making the most of money we had saved on our workout, we treated ourselves to a delicious brunch at the nearby Kopopa restaurant. The refuel was well earned....


Amenities: 6/10

As the classes are held in the Lululemon stores before they open, there obviously isn't all your usual amenities of showers, hairdryers, toiletries etc, but this can only be expected! Everything they can provide they do - from yoga mats to fresh water - and for this event there was even a special appearance made by Natural Fitness Food, who offered us all some delicious protein brownies and truffles to reward our hard work.

Treats from Natural Fitness Food
Would I go back?

Absolutely!! This session made me realize just how much I love a hardcore workout ... and the buzz that comes with it!! As Lululemon have different guest instructors each week taking the classes, I hope that they invite Olly back soon, but if you do want to catch a session with him you can book in at Barry's Bootcamp, where he teaches weekly classes. You can read my review of Barry's here.... sign up for a class if you dare!


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