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If any one you have been following my Instagram, you may be aware that I have just returned from an amazing retreat in Seminyak, Bali (more of this in a future post!). Whilst the whole experience was absolutely amazing - surfing, massages, holistic treatments - the highlight most certainly had to be the food – where we followed an organic, all natural, plant based diet, free from wheat, diary and refined sugars. 

Snack Time at Ocean Soul Retreat
In an attempt to keep this up on my return, I went into my local supermarket in London to buy some deliciously fresh fruit and recreate the morning smoothies we woke up to each day. However, after seeing the extortionately priced, bruised and sludgy looking fruits on the shelf….my enthusiasm began to take a hit.


That is, however, until I discovered my new obsession – Natural Blender.

As the UK's first online smoothie subscription service, Natural Blender all began with the founder Charles trying to kickstart his own health journey, only to be thwarted by several frustrating shopping trips in search of fresh and exotic ingredients. Sounds a little familiar!

Rather than give up and return to pre-made additive laden alternatives (which again, I nearly came close to!), Charles decided to begin his own company, Natural Blender, with a mission to make superfood smoothie-making simple. 

The service

So, on my return from TRX class last Saturday morning, I was super excited to see my Natural Blender box sitting waiting for me, and couldn't wait to open it up and see what goodies I had inside!

It's like Christmas!

Opening up the box, I was met with a range of fresh ingredients - fruit, superfood powders, and mixing juices, alongside 5 different recipe cards.

LOVE the names! 

Already, I was hooked! The box comprises of all the ingredients necessary to allow you to create your 5 smoothies for the week, using seasonal ingredients that are sourced locally wherever possible. With all the recipes being designed by leading nutritionists and chefs, they are packed with the optimum amount of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre.

Little bags of treats

I also loved how everything was packaged in individual bags, not only speeding things up in the morning but also minimizing on waste. When only cooking for one, I am often reluctant to buy fresh herbs and spices, knowing fully well that I'll only make a minute dent in the oversized pack before it goes off and has to be thrown away. 

Mint, basil - the perfect amount for the week!

The recipes themselves were perfect - creative and exotic, but very easy to follow, Natural Blender recommend firstly blending leafy greens and the liquid until you reach a smooth consistency, then any add in powders, followed by your fresh fruits and vegetables. If adding ice, do this last, to ensure it doesn't become too watery. You're after a nice frosty blend!

First Smoothie Shot

Day 2, still going strong!

With the boxes featuring an eclectic mix of fruit and vegetables, and superfood boosters to provide protein and healthy fats, like hemp seeds, chia seeds, acai powder, baobab powder, matcha, nuts and seeds - even on day five, I certainly wasn't bored! The delicious assortment of ingredients meant sampling a unique variety of blends on a daily basis, gaining maximum nutrition from a range of different sources.... breakfasts will never be boring again!

Ready to blend
My favourite, however, had to have been the Loco Coco ...

Easy to follow recipe

Half a banana, spinach, strawberry, cacao powder, organic almonds blended with some coconut water, and topped with cacao nibs, guilt free indulgence doesn't even begin to describe it!! 

For some reason by smoothies ALWAYS turn out more green, but it still tasted amazing!

Now, anybody that knows that keeping healthy comes at a price, and buying so much fresh fruit and veg can often put people off the smoothie concept. However, in comparison to what you'd pay at your local supermarket for uninspiring/questionable selections, Natural Blender is priced extremely reasonably. At £24.50 per box, with 10 servings in each, it works out at only £2.45 per smoothie. Free nation wide delivery, and the option to cancel your subscription at any time, you've no reason not to give it a shot!! 

Visit to find out more and order your first box. I can't wait to hear the combinations you receive!

In the meantime, I'm off to enjoy tonights fruity surpise!!



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