East v West - Protein Haus v Lomax Double Trouble Event!

What they say:

The founders of Protein Haus and Lomax go head to head for a Cycle Haus X Lomax Blast double bill!

Join Carli Wheatley of Protein Haus and Jonny Lomax of Lomax for the ultimate East vs West Sunday showdown with a 90 minute fully body blitz including a 45 minute Cycle Haus class and a 45 minute Lomax Blast class. There will also be 4 bikes available for back-to-back Cycle Haus for cardio bunnies.

East vs West Lomax and Protein Haus

What I say:

OMG! Now, I'm used to a double whammy class (it's practically my forte) but I am NOT used to a double whammy class held by legendery Carli, owner of my favorite go-to lunch spot Protein Haus, and the equally legendery Jonathan Lomax, owner of luxury Chelsea gym Lomax, where the likes of Zanna Van Dijk works and Clean Eating Alice trains. Let's just say, these guys have made their name on the London Fitness scene for a reason, and I was about to discover it big time!!! 

Ride This Way....

What we did:

With Beth and I deciding to book onto Group B - when we arrived it was revealed that meant we would be doing the Spin class first, then the Blast. I don't know if I was relieved or not - what's the lesser of two evils?!

Getting ready to spin our ass off!

The Spin class was taken by Carli Wheatley, who is not only the owner of Protein Haus, but a dedicated spin instructor too, who takes any opportunity she can to pick up a class here and there. As we entered the studio and set up our bikes, she revealed we would be doing a 'Ride to the Beat' session - and, turns out, that beat was fast! With sprint, hill and out of the saddle tracks, combined bike press ups in various positions to work the whole upper body (yes, still whilst spinning!), she certainly earned her stripes!! 

Round 1 - DONE!

                                                               Little Insta Story in between sessions!

But we weren't done there - with a Blast Class still to go, we were only half way through! So upstairs we went, legs burning, into the Personal Training Studio where we took our place in our Pods.

Round 2!

Working with a partner, with one beginning in the pod, the other by the bench, Jonathan took us through a series of supersets, working on a muscle building formula to 'compliment' the intense cardio we'd just performed. With three different routines, each consisting of four exercises, including the likes of weight barbell squats in the Pod, to jump squats onto the bench, to tricep dips and planks, all repeated for the three rounds, the name doesn't lie - we really were blasted!!!

Blast Class Pods and Benches

Post workout fuel

Exhausted but buzzing, things were about to get even better, as Carli brought out our post workout protein shakes - OREO FLAVOUR (given the double whammy theme and all!)!! I have to say, never have I been more in need of a little post workout pep me up, and this couldn't have done the job any better!! With 20g of protein and only 3g of fat, this was a filling, healthy yet deliciously sweet treat that could not have been better called for. YUM!!!   

Cause every post workout meal should involve Oreos!

FYI - if you haven't yet visited Protein Haus I would HIGHLY recommend it. With a range of smoothies, salads and sweet treats all displaying a very appealing macro content, it's most definitely my favourite go to takeaway food spot in London. My favourite = the protein carrot cake.  With 15g of protein yet only 4g of carbs and 1g of fat, you're basically eating a chicken breast :P That's my kinda desert!!

My Protein Haus lunch,
You can check out their shops at Moorgate Station, Westfield shopping centre and Canary Wharf. But please, Carli, when you can open one central?! 


All in all, Beth and I had a great time and cannot thank Carli and Jonathan enough giving up their Sunday afternoons to put on such a great event! Too early to ask when the next one is?! :P xxxx 

Super sweaty, but still smiling! 


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