Cycle at One 10, Baker St

One 10 reception

If, like me, you've walked up Baker St over the summer you'll have seen the big billboard signs, advertising 'One 10 ... Coming soon'. After what seemed like MONTHS in the making, finally the studio opened it doors to the public, unleashing one of the most up-market spinning venues rivalling every other around the city....

Bjorn Borg to browse and buy - dangerous!

As I walked in the studio one Saturday morning, to be greeted by a friendly receptionist, a well stocked juice bar and, most importantly, an array of brightly coloured activewear to browse, immediately I felt at home. (FYI, it's the site for the first ever Bjorn Borg shop in shop concept, and all the instructors are kitted out in the gear looking HAWT).

                                                             'Tribe' cafe bar for after workout recovery

Signing in, the receptionist reminded what bike no. I'd be on (very important, I was about to discover, as all your profile details are automatically synced to your bike), asked if I wanted to pre-order a protein shake for after (yummy options include Ultimate PB, Clean N Green, and The Hulk Shot), handed my pair of cleated spin shoes (designed to clip into the pedals, engaging more of the hamstring whilst increasing power), and I was all good to go....

When it comes to spinning, there's most definitely a divide in opinion amongst my fitness friends and I. Whilst some can't stand the 'dancey' stuff (i.e. up and out of the saddle, chest pressing on the bikes, hovering over the seat etc), the other half would argue being sat on the saddle for a 45 minute class just spinning is wayyyyy to boring to withstand.

Motivational mantras around the studio reminding you why you're there!

I have to admit, I'm kind of torn between the two. Whilst I find the more upbeat dance style classes more fun, I most definitely feel I work 'smarter' during the endurance based 'on the saddle' style classes. With the majority of studios specialising in one or the other (e.g. the DigMe vs Psycle battle!), the great thing about One-10 is that they offer both, with two seperate studios each specialising in its particular theme....

Pick your poison

Typically, me being me, I didn't necessarily look at this before excitedly booking into one, and it was only when I rocked up early one Saturday morning did I discover I had booked in for the ever so slightly more hardcore Paceline class. Lucky me!

The Paceline Studio

Described as 'fast paced and addictive', the class is built around HIIT (high intensity interval training) principles to maximize results in a short space of time. By focusing on your wattage, it combines your RPM's (cadence) with the total amount of resistance you have on the bike to calculate your overall power output (think wattage of a lightbulb = power. Your body is the same).  So, unlike a regular spin class where you can turn the dial right down and have your legs spin freely (pretending you're working.... c'mon I know I'm not the only one!), when it comes to watt based classes there's no options for cheating! Particularly at One 10, where they feature live interactive screens showing your output level at every stage of the way. As your name climbs up and down the leaderboard depending on your performance, it's friendly competition at it's finest!

Results displayed on the screen in real time as you ride

After absolutely loving the Paceline class, it made sense I had to go back to try the other class - Nirvana. Described as "a workout that feels more like a carnival as you immerse yourself in music", as a full body session, not only are you spinning to the beat for 45 minutes, but also using dumbbell weights for an upper body blast at the same time. With two tracks minimum dedicated to lifting- everything from shoulder presses, bicep curls and tricep extensions- no part of your body is left unharmed :P

I bloody hope so!

So, the verdict, what class camp am I in?! OK, so whilst Nirvana is definitely the more fun, upbeat, energetic option, personally I feel these kind of classes slightly lack in focus. As the weights you use are so light (approx 2-4kg), although this allows you to keep up the high volume of reps, it's not the most effective way to build muscle or strength. Equally, as you move from spinning to arm tracks, up and out the saddle, for me I didn't feel it was the most effective way of building stamina or endurance. In Paceline, however, as your legs are kept moving, your heart rate is guided into different zones, and your wattage is being displayed right before your (and the rest of the classes') eyes, I found it a much more efficient way of training that continuously pushes you to the max in the most effective way possible.

Which one are you?

But that's just my take, and everyone has their own opinion, which is why One-10 is so great in that offers both. Regardless of what class you go for, there are a couple more things I REALLY liked about One-10 cycle....

- When you sign up to the site, you're invited to set up your own - online profile, inputting your gender, weight, height, etc. This information is then linked up to your bike during your class, meaning it will displayed stats relevant to each individual. As every push of the pedal gets logged onto your 'Moves' profile, counting up your total calories, duration and average wattage means you can continually track your progress and make sure you're pushing yourself as hard as you should be. Not only can you monitor your progress on your bike, but also in your body! With a body composition machine in the changing rooms, you can ever record your body fat percentage onto your profile, and use it to track your progress as you move towards your goals.

BodyFat Machine linked up to your profile

- The Technogym bikes are some of the best I've used. So easily adjustable with just a slide of the handlebars and seat, with enough grooves to suit even the smallest of riders (i.e. me!). No more stretching out for the handlebars!

Changing room goals

- The changing rooms are LUSH. Ok, so they're a tad on the small side, but with vanity stations like this, all is forgiven! Baskets full of fluffy white towels, GHD straighteners and hairdryers, bobbles, dry shampoo, hairspray, AVEDA skin care products - even phone charging points inside the lockers - they've really gone all out to make your changing room experience as top notch at possible! (It's an important part of the full class experience, right?!) 

Aveda Skincare

My only one gripe is 2-in-1 Cowshed Shampoo/conditioner provided in the showers (which, FYI, have both a waterfall showerhead AND a handheld - suiting every need!). OK, so I sound like a TOTAL spoilt brat here, but I haven't used 2-in-1 since I was 4 years old at swimming lessons.... One 10, please, my hair needs designated moisture!!!

                                      When everything else is SO perfect, why why why put 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner?!

For that tiny tiny little reason, I give One 10 a 9/10.... a pretty good rating if you ask me, and I guess I can always bring my own conditioner 😏 A single credit costs £20, however first riders can benefit from the 2 for £20 intro offer. On top of that, if you use my code REFHANNAH21 at checkout, you'll get another free class! Visit to book in now - hopefully see you there sometime! 


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