MissFits Protein Balls Launch at Metabolic, Camden


Just incase you hadn't notice, I love fitness. Particularly fitness classes. I also love tasty food. Particularly healthy, high protein good food. Finally, I love friends. Particularly happy, endorphin high fitness friends. So when MissFits combine that all into one morning, inviting 30 fitness bloggers and influencers to sweat it out at Metabolic London, followed by a brunch feast and the chance to try out their BRAND NEW protein balls, it was basically like all my Christmases had come at once....

Metabolic London

OK, so if you've not yet heard of Metabolic London, firstly - where have you been?! Secondly, get yourself booked in - pronto! Located in Camden, just beside Mornington Crescent tube station, Metabolic is the studio that's hot on any fitness enthusiasts list. Having only opened this year, they've already been featured everywhere from Mens Health and DOSE, to the Times and the Evening Standard. For the simple reason - this place gives results!

Lawrence determining our fate....

If you know, you know. So, as we gathered last Saturday morning in the studio to watch the instructor (and studio owner) write up our workout on the board, there was a sudden fear arise amongst the guests who hadn't yet tried out the studio. "I've already worked out this morning, I thought it was going to be an event style workout?!" ; seemed to be the general concern amongst the fitness fanatics there.... (FYI - 'event style' workouts are renowned for being a bit more laid back, less hardcore, look pretty and smile at the camera type things). But if you know Metabolic, you know 'event style' workouts are simply out of the question!!!

Partner warm up

Taking us through a much needed warm up, Lawrence (the owner) wasted no time in getting us started on the workout. Beginning with a partner based section, round 1 was a mixture of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style exercises- 'you go I go' burpees, mountain climbers, plank jack high fives and jump lunges - 4 rounds.   Yep, that was just part 1 before it was time to hit the main circuit. 3 stations - kettle bell swings, wall balls, and pull ups or rope climbs (we got to pick - of course I chose the ropes, everytime!).

Lawrence says I smile far too much in class. I just don't know what he means... :S

Third and final sections was back in our pairs, 15kg plates on hand. Whilst one partner performs weighted walking lunges across the room and back, the other gets to enjoy a minute of burpees, until you switch - again, and again... and again.

Just can't resist a rope

Sounds gross, right? Yep, it is! With the clever mix of strength exercises and high intensity cardio combined, you have no option but to work hard. Equally, at the same time, with the energy Lawrence puts into every single class, you have no option but to absolutely love doing it.


And the cherry on top of the fitness cake? The post workout feed!!! Because when MissFits Nutrition put on a spread, they put on a GOOD spread! Choosing our flavor of Nush Cashew Milk Yoghurt,
we then had the option to top it with lots of delicious goodies-  banana, strawberries, raspberries and, of course, the MissFits Protein Balls themselves.... YAY!

When you may need a little more yoghurt for your toppings! 

Coming in two flavours, of course we had to try out both... but when it came to deciding the best - the jury was split! Whilst many preferred the Almond Butter ones - me, being the chocolate fiend that I am, of course would favour the cocoa variation (and for once, the chocolate option is actually lower in calories and fat - winning!).

Genuinely, these are by far the best protein ball I've had yet. With the cocoa ones having only 124 calories per pack and 11g of protein, not only are the macros on these guys incredible, but they taste amazing. Unlike many of the other leading brands (not naming names), you don't have to peel them like glue off your teeth! Because nobody needs that stress in their lives.

What I also love about the MissFits Wonderballs is that they are indeed balls - i.e. -  plural! So rather than having to bite into one gigantic piece, with these little mini's you can open up a pack, munch a few, and save the rest for later. (PAH HAHAHA - who am I kidding?! That was the intention, they were gone in minutes. SO NOT EVEN SORRY!)

Cocoa variation - my pack of choice

All in all, an amazing morning, filled with great people, a great workout, and great grub. What could possibly top it? Oh, I know, a bag of treats to take home too. MissFits Nutrition - I think I love you!

HUGE thanks to this beauty Tara - MissFits Co-founder and all round super woman (!) for putting on such a fantastic event, and providing the country with an incredible new product!!

To find out more about MissFits Nutrition and they're protein range designed specifically for women, by women, visit https://missfitsnutrition.com/ . Recipes, tips and tricks, and an online shop, it won't take long for it to appear in your 'most frequently visited' list! Yes, I speak from experience. #SoNotEvenSorry


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