Pro:Direct Fit Launch at Move Your Frame, Fitzrovia

Pro:Direct FIT

You might have heard of Pro:Direct. If not, ask any football fan and they’re BOUND to have come across them. As the worlds largest online soccer store, I know what you’re thinking…. what relevance could this possible be to me, a lycra addict who couldn’t even BEGIN to tell you the off side rule, even if my life depended on it?! (In actual fact, I just had to google ‘the offside rule’ to check it was indeed football and not rugby. See! Even after the googling, I still just don’t get it).

The launch

HOWEVER (back to the point!), when the worlds largest online soccer store decides to launch into the fitness market – THAT is when my ears pick up. So, when invited to the launch of Pro:Direct's brand new activewear site, Pro:Direct Fit, held at Frame in Fitzrovia in conjunction with adidas, it was like all my Christmases had come at once!

Pop up shop

Joining a group of 10 fitness bloggers at one of the newest Frame studio’s, Fitzrovia, we were met with activewear heaven in the form of a pop up shop, full of brands including adidas and reebok, catering to all your fitness needs with a range of clothing, footwear and accessories.


“This is just a snippet of what’s going to be on the site,” we were told, as we were handed a goody bag and shown to the changing rooms. A goody BEFORE the event? That never happens, right?! Well, in this instance there was a reason, as the goody bag was filled full of brand new adidas kit and Ultraboost trainers, celebrating the launch of their new ‘Alphaskin’ Spring/Summer 18 range.

Georgie delighted with her kit!

Slipping myself into the blue tights (love the colour, and they had an amazing compression fit that hugs everything in), black sports bra (very supportive!), white tank (essential) and ultraboost X sneakers (designed specifically for the female foot featuring a floating arch support), we were ready to put our new activewear to the test….

Ultraboost X

Being ushered into the downstairs studio, a wave of giggles came across us as we caught sight of the ten mini trampolines set out across the floor. Yep, today’s sweat of choice – a rebounding class! Now, I’ve got to admit, at this moment I was quite relieved, as I pictured a light, easy 45 minutes of bouncing around in the air, not getting too sweaty or working too hard… just smiling for the camera, right?!

Rebounding class

HAHAHA. Well, I was wrong – rebounding class is tough! Fun, but tough. With everyone on their own trampolines, the instructor took us through an energetic routine (think tuck jumps, ‘supermen’, high knees and heel taps) along to a mix of chart hits (Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake…. you get the vibe).

Gaining some height

 What quickly become a very sweaty cardio session, let’s just say we were all super glad that our adidas bras really DID give the support they claimed, and the mesh ventilation panels of the leggings? Dream! Finishing off with a couple of tracks using the dumbbells– yes, jumping and squatting on a trampoline whilst holding weights – our bodies may have been tired, but energy was high. I had forgot just how fun trampolining was!

Jumping for joy!! Or food....

Of course, no fitness event could be complete without some post workout refuel, so we headed back upstairs to the Pro:Direct Fit pop up space, where there was a Pip and Nut Bar waiting our hungry mouths. Chatting away as we tucked into our protein shakes, almond butter on toast, admiring the lycra heaven we were sitting in….. it was fitness cliché at it’s finest (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!).

Do you need some toast for your berries?!

Overall, a great event in all respects possible – the adidas alphaskin kit could NOT have been better – supportive, ventilated, high waisted AND squat proof (the two essentials, right?). The Rebound class was energetic, motivating, low impact and, despite being one of the most enjoyable classes I have ever done, also one of the most sweat inducing! Finally, the food… well, it was Pip and Nut and protein shakes… do I really need to say much more? All enjoyed with a group of friendly, inspiring, down to earth and genuine girls. Pro:Direct Fit – if your new website is HALF as good as your events, I’m going to have to seriously assess my credit card limit!!

Never disappoints

The Need to Know:

- Pro:Direct Fit is due to launch end of April – follow them @ProDirectFit on Instagram to keep up with the latest news, or visit the website – – to sign up to the newsletter – where you will receive 15% off your first purchase AND be in with the chance of winning a £500 voucher.

- The adidas alphaskin range is available online at, at adidas stores, and will be stocked on the Pro:Direct Fit website, along with a full selection of other brands offering 'the latest in function, innovation and trend.'

- Rebounding at Frame costs £13 for a 45 minute class, and can be booked online via their website - , or via Classpass (you just have to be quick, it books up fast!)

Girl squad

Finally, you want to get in on the action too, Pro Direct have a range of initiatives in place, including a free running club (from Frame on Tuesday nights) and another public event in the pipeline. Keep a lookout for updates via their Social Media pages – I’ve heard the plans for the next event and, trust me, it’s not one you’ll want to miss!

ProDirect Fit - killed it!!


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