The festivities are over, but I'm still happy....

"The January blues". After the excitement of Christmas and the partying at New Year, the realities of the cold and dark January month sink in. Our bank accounts are empty, we must return to work, and get back to the gym to shift those excess Christmas pounds. Nonetheless, I love January. I look at it in a different way. The weather is crisp and fresh, going back to Uni means I get to see everyone again, and I need those excess Christmas pounds :-P But the best part about January? Well, that's easy. I get to experiment with my new Christmas clothes, and bag some bargains in the January sales!!

I'm too fussy to let my mum choose my clothes - in previous Christmas's that has ended up with me just returning everything! Therefore we have come the arrangement whereby we go shopping together, I pick the clothes I like,  and I act surprised when I unwrap them on Christmas day. It may be a silly system, but it works fantastically! I get clothes I like, and Mum doesn't need to worry about what to get me. Plus, half the fun of getting new clothes is the shopping for them :P

Some other bits n bobs...

Jewellery (clockwise from top left) - Owl stud earrings, Urban outfitters. Squirrel and acorn necklace, Urban Outfitters. Drop Owl earrings, £4 Asos. Dog and bone necklace, £20 Ollie and Nic (although I was in yesterday and its now half price, bummer!), Jewelled Drop Earrings, £20, Helen Bateman. Silver flower brooch, Helen Bateman.


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