Where to eat in London.... Pizza Union Kings Cross!

A legendary favourite in Spitalfields, Pizza Union have just opened a second branch on Pentonville Road in the Kings Cross area, and I was luckily enough to be invited along with my friend Steph for a good old blogger review!

As we walked in, the first thing we admired was the awesome interior design -  long, tiled high tables, with high ceilings and an open kitchen, with the pizza oven on center display (apparently it's the largest in the UK!).

Rather than table service, you go up to the pizza bar and place your order, after which you're provided with a buzzer to notify you when your meal is ready to collect. Good way to cut out the middle man :-)

So off we wandered up to the bar to place our order. Specialising in Roman style thin and crispy 12 inch pizza, it was difficult to choose from the number of tempting options on offer -  traditional Margherita, Funghi,  Fiorentina, Reine and a host of other favourites, alongside various salads and a host of extra toppings.

Given we were both undecided on whether we wanted to be healthy with the Pizza Salad (pepperoni, chicken, salad leaves and Parmesan) or go all out with the Pollo Pizza (Chicken, Peppers and Thyme), we decided to order one of each and share between us. (you may have realised by now that's my favorite thing to do!!)

Pizza Salad
Polo Pizza

Our pizza was put together freshly in-front of our eyes, then fired into the wood fired pizza oven. Promising a 'super-fast' service, our buzzer went off with minutes of us taking our seats! 

Fresh pizza bar
Our buzzer flashing....within moments of sitting down!
Sitting down with our food and drinks (Pizza Union aim  to repeat the idea of the "pizza bar" so serve a range of wines, prosecco, beers, soft drinks and coffee alongside those pizzas), we were ready to tuck in!

Best Part:

The desert! Despite being stuffed after our delicious salad and pizza, when we were offered the desert menu, featuring dough rings stuffed with a range of different sweet fillings, we just couldn't say no. Whilst I went for the Chocolate, Coconut and Mascarpone dough ring, Steph decided on the Salted Caramel and Mascarpone.... although we both ended up tucking into each others anyway. It's nice to share!

Not the most appetising looking.... but don't be fooled!
Deliciously gooey on the inside

Worst Part:

Given it was so delicious, I was delighted to see there was also a takeaway option, however they unfortunately don't (yet) do delivery. Which is actually probably a good thing - if I knew I could get it delivered straight to my flat I'd likely be ordering every night!!


This is where Pizza Union really delivers the cherry on the cake! At just £3.95 for a 12 inch margarita, the most expensive pizza on the menu is still only £6.50, and extra toppings can be added for just a pound. Prices like this in central London?! Unheard of!

Would I go back?
Delicious food, excellent price, speedy service and great atmosphere? I'd be crazy not to!

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