Total Body Launch Event with 4FitnessSake and Sweaty Betty!

What they say:

A brand new head-to-toe workout with a mix of cardio and resistance training that will transform your body into a calorie burning machine. A combination of interval sets that will keep your heart rate up and resistance training that will target set muscle groups.

The invite
What I say:

Having followed personal trainer Chiara Pellegrino on instagram for a number of months, I was so excited when she released details for the press launch of her self-created class concept, Total Body. I may have had to wait up until midnight to book my place, but with a waitlist of over 200 people, I'm glad I got in early! Setting a 5.45am alarm clock to make the 7am class, I arrived to the new Sweaty Betty One New Change store sleepy, but eager to see what awaited!

What we did:

Arriving at the One New Change new store, we were guided in the lifts up to the top floor.... and our workout location, with amazing views all over London, was revealed. Already, I was impressed!

Talk about a morning workout!
As we got to our mats, positioned to overlook the iconic St Paul's Cathedral, we started into our warm up, before making it straight into our first cardio session. With three cardio tracks in total, Chiara designed the program so that each one will test your body in a different way. First up, it was all about endurance, where we got those heart rates up with a combination of burpees, standing sprints and super cool dance moves....

Getting into those moves...
Next, it was on to resistance work - described by Chiara as "active recovery". I've always questioned that phrase - it's what trainers seem to say to make you think you're getting a break, but actually keep you working!

Using water balls as dumbbells, we begin with a series of movements - triceps extensions, chest presses and bicep curls - all targeting the upper body.

"Active Recovery"... I can't remember much recovery going on!

Third, we were back to cardio - this time it was a 'Boxing' inspired track, all about power and explosive movements.... having us kickboxing and squat jumping until our heart rates soared and legs burned!

Jumping it out
Second resistance track, and it was all about small isometric movements and full range reps to target the lower body. Hitting the deepest muscles of the abdominal wall, whilst building into the glutes, hamstrings and calves - we worked that ass to failure!

Feeling the burn

Finally, we entered into the finale - a combination of all the routines we'd worked on. This wall about letting go, having fun, and relishing in the hardcore session we'd just completed!

Intensity: 9/10

Hard core, but super fun at the same time, this class rates high on the intensity scale... and it's no wonder when you learn about Chiara's previous experience and inspiration behind the workout.
Arms, legs, abs - it's all covered

Having taught classes in top-end London studios BarreCore and Psycle, renowned for their high intensity workouts (click the links to read my reviews),  Chiara was amazed by the benefits she could see on her own body. Deciding to create a class that could combine the features of both, without the need for big pieces of equipment, the high intensity all-over workout 'Total Body' was born.

Kicking it out

Instructor: 10/10

Chiara is really what makes this class so fantastic - she's so friendly, enthusiastic, encouraging and knows all the best moves to really make you feel that burn! As a lifestyle coach, personal training and class instructor, Chiara really offers it all, whilst being a lovely, genuine person at the same time. Her motto - "the body achieves what the mind believes”. I couldn't agree more!

Chiara/4FitnessSake - cannot recommend this chic highly enough!

Would I return?

Effective, challenging, and moreover FUN - ABSOLUTELY!!! Chiara has told me there's another event in the pipeline, so follow her on instagram  to make sure you're kept in the loop!


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