A couple of recent purchases - loving my floaty dresses

Hey again!

Just thought I'd post up some of my recent purchases. I'm totally loving floaty dresses right now. After ditching my jeans (I've just gone off them, they feel so boring and unadventurous!), I've been enjoying looking for some new alternatives, and these dresses fitted the bill perfectly. And they were both sale bargains I might add!

In order to remain practical for the Aberdeen weather, I've teamed this purple one from Topshop (in the sale - £45 to £30, get down there quick!!) with my faux fur gilet from Warehouse (£75, bought last summer... predicted that trend early :P). Paired with my trusted leggings and cosy boots (my Winter staple), it's a comfy and easy outfit perfect to wear to uni.

It's funny, I wore this to my lecture on fashion communication (what we communicate by the clothes we wear). Apparently this communicates that I want to appear girly, feminine and free. Possibly true. But I think the real reason I wore it was because I wanted to show off my sale bargain!

This grey one is from River Island - reduced from £45 to £25. I'm wearing it with my scarf to give it a bit of colour, else I fear it looks a bit drab! Shoe-wise, I've gone for my high heeled hiking boots (see posts below!!) which were £35 from New Look, along with my pretty bowed socks. Again, easy and comfy. Well, maybe not the shoes!

Lastly, this one is from Zara, at £45. Unfortunately not a sale bargain, but I loved it as soon as I saw it - and with Zara being leaders in the "fast fashion" market, I knew it wouldn't be on the shop floor for long! Apparently, their styles are changed weekly, which creates a false scarcity - this in turn leads to more people buying it, as they know it's likely to be gone the next time they return. You'd think the fact that I study this, I wouldn't fall for the clever marketing strategy- but no, they got me good!!

It was a bit baggy at the top, so I pulled down the excess material and clipped it with this brooch to create a better fit, and put a black vest top underneath as to not be flashing everyone :P  I'm on the hunt for a nice turquoise brooch, perhaps a vintage one. I know my Great Granny had a lot of nice brooches that were left to my mum, so think I'll have a rumage next time I'm home! But for now, this brooch for £2 at Primark does the job nicely.



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