ASOS I love you

The first time I purchased from ASOS was probably about 8 years ago. That was the time when internet shopping was just taking off, when ASOS was a relatively unknown website. It sold only remakes of items seen on celebs, hence the websites acronymn name - ASOS- As Seen On Screen. I remember exactly what I bought too. Yetti fur boots, in the style of Jordan (aka Katie Price)... perhaps not something I should admit to! But I loved them. And I still have them. Yet I haven't worn them in about seven and a half years!

And from then, I was hooked. Yes, I joined onto the ASOS bandwagon before it was popular. But as it grew in popularity, it changed. No longer did they feature clothes worn by my favourite celebs, but they began to stock designer brands, high street makes, and their own-make garments became few and far between. As the ASOS cult grew, my own love of the brand lessened, and I started to see it as a place which I 'used to shop'.

Nonetheless, this Summer, that changed. Moving away from the city centre back to a small town, with zero shops, hit me hard. Part of me thinks that might be to blame for the fall in Uk spending :P So, in order to stop myself going insane, online shopping became my new addiction.

And so I made my first purchase from the website in a long, long time. So long, that I had to create my account again. But as I arrived home from work and saw the parcel at my door, I felt like a child at Christmas. I opened it up to see the gorgeous skirt, and when I tried it on, it fitted like a glove.

Me being me, the skirt hung in wardrobe till about 3 weeks ago, when I decided to wear it out. But as I put it on, all the gorgeous discs kept falling off, leaving a trail behind me. Needless to say, I couldn't wear the skirt, and I began to revert to my previous dislike of ASOS.

I wrote back to them to explain, and ask for a refund, yet I didn't expect much back from them. They had my money, why would they bother about losing one customer? Well, I was pleasantly suprised! Not only did they allow me to post it back to them for free, they gave me a lovely apology letter, a 10% discount code for my next purchase, and a full refund.

That's the best part about ASOS, they actually seem to care about their customers. Free delivery and free returns - not many websites can say that! That means if, like me, you like to shop online but also like to try things on before you commit, you can! Just send it back if you (for some reason!) don't like it for a full refund. Easy.

So once again, I am in love with ASOS. That love only grew further when I ordered and received this playsuit (£36) in the post a few days ago. LOVE IT.


They have such a good range too, with their site being updated twice daily. I check it as part of my morning routine, along side having a shower and breakfast.

My only complaint is that they don't have an Ipone app - it would be good to shop during a boring lecture sometimes! Their mobile phone shopping is pretty good though in all fairness.

Right now I'm lusting after these. Perhaps Santa shares my love of the site :P Let's hope so!

Owl drop earrings £6

Faux fur shearling bag, £36

Tailored fit and flare dress, £40

P.S. RIght now you get 20% ASOS own brand items when you enter ASOS20 at the checkout. As if you needed another reason to visit the site!




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