Christmas Window Displays - cheap more chic!

It's my favourite time of the year once again. The holiday coca-cola advert is on TV, shops are stocking up with seasonal gifts, and we are beginning to bring out our snug winter jackets and boots. Christmas is upon us.

It is the next 6 weeks that account for a huge proportion of a most shops income, so it's essential they reach out and communicate to all those christmas shoppers, and get them to spend all their hard earned cash on presents for others :P It is for this reason that the Christmas window displays are often the best.

As I drive along Union Street, I love looking into all the shop windows to see what's new. Despite the fact  I'm usually running late for a lecture, I love a red traffic light - as it means i can stop to look without swerving into the other lane. And driving past H&M the other day certainly nearly caused that accident.... but it was so worth it :

I love it all! The dresses, the advertisement, the red velvet - so Christmassy!

Another display that, suprisingly, caught my eye was Primark's:

Despite the fact i'm just a sucker for anything that relates to Christmas (!), I do think this display is really effective, especially when you consider the limited budget they have for things like this. They are showing a good range of outfits, and I really love the star effect backdrop.

After seeing these, I was expecting the more expensive shops to be really impressive - however I left slightly  disappointed:



All Saints

Miss Selfridge

I know Gap and All Saints aren't exactly known for their colourful, celebratory, cheerful persona, but you'd think they could at least make a little bit of effort at Christmas time, no?

And Topshop, in all fairness yes you do have some snowflakes and some balloons to signify some sort of recognition to the festivities - but is that really all one of the most powerful shops on the High Street can stretch to?!

And Miss Selfridge -  quite simply, its poor. It's messy, it's cluttered, it's an eyesore - even the big 50% off sale sign would not entice me to wander in (well ok, that may be because I've already seen there's nothing in the sale I want, but you get my point!)

So in my small high street analysis, it appears the budget stores come out top for their visual merchandising!

Here's a few other interesting window displays. Why can't the ones in Aberdeen be like this?!

Bergdoff Goodman




Reason number 20999 why I should move to New York - their window displays!




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