Motel Rocks!!

I love it when the postman arrives at the door with a wee parcel :-) And with the amount of online shopping that goes on in my house, we are on first name terms with our postie (Mark- just incase you were interested)! So it fair cheered me up when, sitting inside on a rainy day, the doorbell rang. My Mum, after being in melt-down for the previous 24 hours after the washing machine broke, practically ran to the door to answer it, thinking it was Currys delivering the new one. Her words in the morning - "ohhhhh my washing machine is coming today, I hope they deliver it nice and early". Note: if I ever get that excited over a WASHING MACHINE, please please shoot me! Anyway, back to the point - it wasn't the washing machine, but my new skirt from Motel :-) MUCH more exciting! 

I ran upstairs to try it on, praying it would fit... and it did :-) Very unusual for me, especially when I order online! The lightweight material and coral colour makes it perfect for a summer look:

The T-shirt was bought last year from Miss Guided (who now offer free delivery, by the way!). When it arrived, it was much baggier than I'd expected (I told you things never seem to fit when I order them online!) To make it a bit more fitted, I tie it at the back. That does, however, mean it becomes a bit more cropped, so I've always felt self conscious wearing it. It works well with this skirt though. As it has the higher waist, it means only a small peep of flesh is showing - giving a look thats more trendy as opposed to trashy :P

The headband is from Topshop, bought earlier this Summer. I love it, and I get compliments whenever I wear it. Most of the shops now have them in, but I especially love these ones from Rock and Rose. At £22, it is a bit more pricey, but they do have 20% off at the moment. If your after a cheaper alternative, this seller (Chiarash) on Asos marketplace has some lovely ones at reasonable prices.
Rock n Rose - £22
Chairash - £9.50

I've teamed it just with some flat thong sandals from New Look to add to the laid back vibe. I'm off to New York in 6 days time (excited!!), so think this will be the perfect outfit for strolling round Central Park! Because everyone needs a Central Park outfit, right?!


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