Weekend wish list....

Online shopping. Perfect entertainment for a hungover Saturday!

I've fallen in love with All Saints summer "Aztec" collection - gorgeous sequinned skirts, tops and dresses. I first saw them in the Spittalfields store when I was down in London - the pieces are even nicer in real life! But at £295 for a dress, I had the choice of either buying the dress; or being able to afford to live for the next month. Unfortunately, it was the second option (living!) that won. 

So you can imagine my excitement when I logged on to their website to see a 70% off sale. In my over-enthusiastic frenzy of clicking and scrolling, I found the range. But with only 30% off. Still £206.50 for the dress. Dam. 

The worst part is, everywhere I look I see pieces from the range... dangling in front of me, teasing me, knowing I can't have it! Even the celebs, who you'd usually see in head to toe designer, seem to have fallen in love with the High Street range too:

Ashley Tisdale, Lourdes and Una Healy in the "Aztec Dress" - now £206.50

Twilight's Christian Serratos in the Aztec
Charlot Dress - now £136.50
Cheryl Crow rocking the Aztec Skirt-
now £115

Ah.... looks like I'll need to keep on wishing! 


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