New York - Impressive windows, but it's Henri Bendal that got my vote!

Of course, being in New York, I had to do a bit of shopping! There was so many famous stores to see. Everyone told me I must do the whole Abercrombie and Fitch stop - the clothes didn't really fuss me.... but it was worth a visit for the male staff alone!

Scaffolding took away from the store image slightly... 
but the topless models sure made up for it!

Another of my favourites was Tiffanys. When we first ventured down 5th avenue it was shut, but they had some gorgeous window displays... and pretty impressive vaults locking the door.

The rings were positioned on top of the (very realistic!!) ice cream cones  -
a great eyecatching way to merchandise something so small that would otherwise be missed. 

Vaulted up - no-ones breaking in there

And of course all the other usuals- Saks, Macys, Bloomingdales.... you get the jist of it.

Ciara (flatmate) infront of Saks 5th Avenue

Louis Vuitton - can count on them for some lavish windows
Bergdoff Goodman - a  Carrie Bradshaw favourite
And FAO Schwarz - because we can't pretend we're
sophisticated SATC girls all the time... not when
there's dancing piano fun to be had!!
But my favourite store? Without a doubt, Henri Bendel, a luxury department store home to range of designer fashion accessories, cosmetics and fragrances. As soon as I walked in, I couldn't help but smile. As I entered the store, I got spritzed with extortionate perfume, moved upwards to receive sales associates rubbing silky-soft bronzing lotion into my arms, and then tried on countless pieces of beautiful jewellery upstairs. I would definitely move to New York for this store alone! I was seriously considering giving up my university & career ambitions to work as a sales assistant in the hair accessory boutique. A favourite of Serena and Blair (gossip girl, for those who don't know!), it was full of the most fantastic hair bands, clips and head scarves. Those New Yorkers definitely know how to do style!

Got a bit carried away with the shopping....
picked up some makeup, accessories and presents for home
I bought the one I'm wearing above, in the sale for $50. A little more than I would usually spend on a hairband, but I think I was sucked in by the gorgeous things surrounding me. I couldn't have left empty handed!! And I did manage to walk away from a $200 head band... although I did spend the rest of the holiday going on and on about it!

I love the colour tones, means its really versatile for most outfits

I always get excited when things come in pretty packaging. Hence I
made sure I brought the box home too - squeezed it in my Dads case :P

Because it brings colour close to your face, I find hair accessories are a great way to give your whole outfit a boost. Plus they're great for hiding those bad hair days!

I am now on the look-out for some nice new handbands/head scarves, as thinking about the $200 one I walked away from does send me into a slight state of depression.

Anyone got any ideas for where I can find nice ones?! I've done the usual, Asos, Accessorize, Topshop etc... but they had nothing quite as special. I don't know if it was the store atmosphere, the fact the prices were so ridiculous, or simply the high quality of the product itself.... but there's something special about Henri Bendal that Scotland just can't pull off!

I'll just need to go back another time.....


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