Leather love!

January sales. I have  a bit of a love/hate relationship with them. Love getting a bargain, hate the fact the shops are all a complete mess for a few weeks. When you are picking jumbled up items up off the floor, it does take fun away from shopping just slightly!

My strategy - get in there early! So I made the most of the fact that I had to work on Boxing Day by making a wee trip to River Island first.

I'd put a black leather jacket on my Christmas list, as I saw one on another blog and loved it. I was very shocked when I read it was Primarks finest, at about £20. But apparently my Mum 'couldn't find it anywhere'. Whether that's true or not, I'm not sure - she's not the biggest Primark fan!

But never mind, because after River Island's sale, I now have two! Didn't quite mean for that to happen, but the bargains were too tempting! So I thought I'll buy them both, and then I can have a think about it and take back the one I like the least. I knew if I'd of left one, I'd of regretted it!

Jacket no.1 : 

More of a bomber style one, it was reduced from £70 to £30. I'm wearing it with a snood from Primark, £2 in the sale! My plan of potentially taking it back ended when I wore it to the Edinburgh street party, it was just soooo nice and cosy!! So this one I will now have to keep!

Jacket no.2:


You can't really tell in the full length pics, but this coat has a fur gilet body with the leather sleeves. Again, it was £70 down to £30. I wanted a jacket with this sort of fit, but not so much with the fur! Although I was planning on wearing it with a fur stole, so I could justify keeping the jacket by the fact it would kill two birds with one stone?!

But as you can see, it still has the tags on it. So what are your thoughts?! Should I keep the furry one, or return it? Is there much point in having two black leather jackets (aswell as a tan and a brown one)?!

Do I need them both?! Thoughts on a postcard please!

Oh, and more sale bargain posts to come!! Skirts, dresses, accessories galore. Yipeeeeee.


  1. i LOVE the fur one :)

    awesome blog as always my dear, you always find a great buy!

    (Anne) x

  2. dude keep both. they are different and equally awesome! Rini xx

  3. I'm not sure about the fur, but it looks great on you. If it's going to stay in the wardrobe with the tags , take it back and buy something else!

  4. leather is timeless where as fur will come in and out of style. the fur one especially because it's not completely fur it will date quicker.

  5. Thanks guys! I hadn't worn the fur one since boxing day, so I decided it probably would just stay in the wardrobe. Plus I was debating buying a lovely lace one from Topshop, so I decided it was justifiable if I was to take back the second leather one. So it was reluctantly returned today!! xx

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