Little bit of leopard.....

So, when you're stuck at home over Christmas with very few shops around (sorry Kinross, but you don't exactly meet my shopping needs), the internet becomes a bit of a god send. 

I know I've probably mentioned this more than enough already... but i love ASOS. And, as I've also mentioned countless times, I love leopard print. So when i saw this jumper on the site, it was a match made in heaven.

A match made in heaven apart from the £40 price tag - which, in the run up to Christmas, was just a bit too steep for my wee debit card to handle. But good thing I didn't buy it, because after I had a little peek on boxing day, it had been reduced to £28. BONUS! So, with my Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket (thanks Grandma!), and my severe shopping deprivation (thanks Kinross!), a little order was placed. 

At first I was a little unsure, as I'm not used to wearing things with such a high neck. But then my Mum told me I "have no boobs, therefore can pull off a high neck". Erm.... thanks.... I think. How come Mums can get away with insults disguised as compliments?! 

The fur collar is detachable.... although I don't know why you would want it without it! It's actually a bit annoying, as the collar is attached with buttons, which means when you pull it over your head the buttons all get caught in your hair. I wore it during my exam on Thursday, and even though I was absolutely roasting, I didn't dare take the jumper off - I could just imagine myself getting caught in the middle of the hall fighting with a jumper around my head for a full 10 minutes. 

I'm just wearing it in the pics with some black suede leggings.... i was having a 'comfy' day. But it looks good with coloured jeans, or denim shorts and pattered tights too. I also plan on dressing it up with a black skirt, sheer tights and my leopard print T-bar shoes for placement.  

Although I rushed to make my order, they're still available on Asos at the moment - Jumper with Leopard collar

Primark - £12

These boots were another bargain from Primark at £12. I had been looking for some flat, smart-ish, black boots to wear on placement, and these fitted the bill perfectly. Quite like the equestrian vibe they've got going on....

Urban Outfitters

This was another awesome Urban Outfitters gift from my brother. I never actually wear a watch, as I'm constantly attached to my phone, so just use that as a clock. But I've discovered how handy it actually is to just look at my wrist, rather than rummage around in my pit of a bag to check if I have time for a quick peek in Miss Selfridge before work (today i did, yay!). 

Talking about work, Body Shop have got some very exciting new ranges launching soon.... watch this space! 


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