Barry's Bootcamp

Recently I discovered 'Class Pass' ( a new fitness class subscription model that has taken the US by Storm, and now launched in the UK. Offering unlimited access to boutique fitness classes at the best yoga, Pilates and cycling studios across London, I was lucky enough to attend their London launch party at Barry's Bootcamp, where I met an array of fitness blogging enthusiasts.... inspiring me to start up my blog again!

So, with unlimited access to some of London's finest (and most expensive!) fitness classes, I hope to try out one a new one each week (or as my schedule allows!), and provide you all with the lowdown. First up....Barry's Bootcamp!!

Barry's Bootcamp

The torture chamber!

What they say: The Best Workout in the World
Our signature cardio + strength workouts can help burn 1,000 calories in just one hour in a music-filled environment where every class feels new, fun and exciting for all levels.....

The Workout

What I say: Wow! Definitely the most intense workout I think I have ever done..... and I even skipped the cardio due to a leg injury! Basically what Barry's Bootcamp involves is 15 minutes interval training on a treadmill (H.I.I.T - that's high intensity interval training) , to drop down into 15 minutes of floor work (chest presses, planks, shoulder raises, you name it), and then repeat it again. Sound easy enough? Haha, think again! With a super fit trainer running up and down the studio shouting commands and switching your routine every few minutes, this is not for the faint hearted!

Intensity: 10/10
If you want to work, and you want to work hard, this is the class for you. And going by the look and figure of all the girls (and a few males) attending the class, this gets results!

Instructor: 9/10
My instructor was Jemma, who was really great and pushing us all the extra mile. Yes, at times I did hate her, but she was good. My only slight criticism was that I did find it a bit confusing sometimes - she could be shouting out instructions to those on the treadmill then straight after shout something to us on the floor, and it could be hard to tell it you were coming or going.

Amenities: 10/10
Luxury beauty products (Malin & Goetz) in the showers, with GHD hairdryers and straigtners. Also a Barry's Boutique selling stylish sportswear and, my favourite part, a Fuel bar with protein shakes and healthy smoothies. Place your order before the class, and they will it ready for you finishing - just pick up the one with your name scribbled on the side from the juice bar. I treated myself to the banana nut protein smoothie to refuel - I would go back just for that itself!

Banana nut shake to refuel
Pre-order your shake before your workout!

Luxury Changing Rooms
Value for Money: 7/10 
With celeb fans including Kim and Kanye, at £20 for an hour class, this workout doesn't come cheap. But for the time-poor cash-rich, it's definitely worth it. Also, there's NO WAY you could do this class with a hangover. So rather than spend £20 on drinks the night before (you'd be lucky if that even got you 2 cocktails), use it to advance your fitness like you have never done before!

Overall: 9/10

Would I go back? Definitely! 
Although I'm quite glad I got out of the treadmill activities due to my injured leg, I would really like to go back and give the full class a shot.... however much it may kill me! I'd love to be able to do this as my weekly routine... but at £20 a pop unfortunately that's never going to happen. Perhaps the odd class when I've not been to Selfridges in a while!

Postworkout goodie bag and treats from Maple & Fizz and Juice Baby


  1. You can really benefit from a bootcamp class, as it can keep your workouts interesting and give your fitness a real boost, plus you get to meet new people and make friends. I find that going to an intense exercise class keeps things interesting and helps me to stay motivated to get fitter and push myself.

    Catarina @ Wild Fitness

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