Bikram "Hot Open" - Triyoga Camden

I have to admit, I've never been one for yoga. I could never get the whole art of sitting and relaxing, letting my mind wander aimlessly.... I would sit and think of all the things I could be doing during this wasted time of being 'zen' and 'spiritual'! Kind of defeated the purpose!

However, with my leg injury (pulled ligament in my IT band) still stopping me from any high impact activities, my physio recommend me to give yoga a try in order to strengthen the weakened muscle. So, with my commitment to reviewing all these weird and wonderful boutique classes around London, I decided to give Bikram a shot at Europe's leading Yoga and Pilates Centre - Triyoga. And I may now be a downward dog convert! 

TriYoga Hot Open
What they say: 
"A powerful and nurturing sequence of static postures practised in a heated studio, which facilitates safe, deep stretching and a detoxifying sweat".

What I say:  
Sweat? Yes. Detoxifying? I'm not too sure.... it felt a bit more like I was sweating in a stuffy gym that needed air con (nice!). Apparently the studio doesn't quite heat up to the usual temperature on the Saturday morning classes, so at around 30C it perhaps wasn't as hot as it should be.

Despite this, the stretches and poses that we did were fantastic, and I could really feel my muscles working - which I have never felt in previous yoga classes where the focus has  been more towards 'deep breathing' and 'relaxing'. At least in this class I didn't feel as though I was simply wasting my time! No suprises that Kate Moss, Rachel Weisz and Sadie Frost are regulars.

Intensity: 6/10
So in comparison to my last review on Barry's Bootcamp, obviously being yoga this class wouldn't come nearly as high on the intensity scale, however I'd definitely still class it as a good workout (despite what any spin class/bootcamp fiends may argue!). The poses were great for strengthening,  and I felt that satisfying ache the next day. Perhaps it would have felt more intense had the room been as hot as it should have (around 38C).

Instructor:  9/10
Having spent over two decades learning and teaching yoga, my instructor Yazmin was great, keeping things light-hearted and fun. She was extremely helpful and willing to help me modify some of the poses as so to avoid any strain on my injured IT band.

Other Amenities: 8/10

A renovated Victorian warehouse, the studios were absolutely amazing. As you enter, you take your shoes off at the door (very zen), and go through to a relaxed cafe , serving an array of tasty and very healthy looking salads, sandwiches and baked treats, all devised by a pioneer of the raw food movement, founder, Katia Narain Phillips. Who knew an avocado fudge flourless cookie could taste so good?! Pristine showers with organic hair and body products, all made by onsite aromatherapist Emma Watson, who is also on hand to book for facial and body massages. That, I could get used to!

Value for Money: 6/10
At £99 a month for an unlimited class, or pay as you go rate of £16 per session, like the majority of these specialist classes, it doesn't come cheap! Being a complete beginner at yoga, it's not something I would be overly quick to spend my money on, however I did meet one yoga enthusiasts who does a class every day, therefore makes full use of the £99 subscription fee. My thoughts - if you are really into yoga and want to try something more specialised, it's worth it. If you're like me and are just dabbling, then it's a great class to try for the experience, but you don't need to pay the price for such a specialist instructor until you're slightly more advanced.

Would I go back? Yes!
Based on the beautiful studios and great instructor, I would go back, however I would like to try one of the evening sessions where the studio reaches its full 38C. With over 150 classes a week, including other types of yoga, pilates and barre, there's lots more to experience!



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