Gymnastic Conditioning at The Third Space Marylebone

Having received some guest passes for The Third Space, one of W1's finest gyms, I am looking forward to trialling out a few of their classes! With everything you would expect in a regular gym - state of the art equipment, free weights, personal training - the great thing about The Third Space is that it also offers the specialist classes you would usually only find in a boutique studio. With everything from Ballet Conditioning to Anti Gravity Yoga, The Third Space really does offer it all.

My first class... Gymnastics Conditioning!

What they say: 
Ever wanted to learn a handstand or maybe a muscle-up on the ring? Gymnastics and its body weight conditioning will push your training to the next level whilst increasing flexibility, core and whole body strength in a fun active way.

What I say: 
Loved it! Using the climbing ropes, bars, TRX, and our own body weight, we began the class by pulling ourselves up on the ropes as a 'warm up'. Next, we went straight into jumping TRX lunges (x10 on each leg), super-setting with pull ups on the bar. Once we'd completed one superset, we had to hold a squat until the last person had finished, before repeating it all again.... twice! (I soon learned that whilst I didn't want to be the last person to finish, it was equally as bad to be the first to be the first person, as it meant holding the squat for maximum time!). We then went on to supersets of press ups and pull-ups on the bar, which we then balanced our feet on for the final supersets of upside down shoulder press, coupled with hanging tuck pikes. Abs. were. killing.

Intensity: 7/10
Wow - talk about being pushed to the next level! As a half an hour early morning class, I thought we would be let off lightly.... but clearly The Third Space doesn't allow for any slackers! Which is a good thing - my muscles definitely felt worked, and I had that 'satisfying' ache the next day.

Instructor: 7/10
As I say, the instructor didn't take any prisoners, and kept correcting me - pull my hips higher on the hanging upside down shoulder press, toes pointing forward on the lunge, widen my stance on the squat. All the little tricks you do to make the exercise slightly easier.... I wasn't getting away with any of it!

Amenities:  10/10
With REN toiletries in the changing room, Redken hair products, Parlux hairdryers and GHD straightners, The Third Space really comes out top on this one! They even offer a wash and press service, where they will launder any old gym gear and place it back in your locker, fresh and ready for the next workout. Now that's convenience!

Value for Money: 6/10
With membership at £150 per month, The Third Space doesn't come cheap. Having said that, this fee includes full use of the gym, climbing wall,  swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi etc, and unlimited access to classes. Consider many of these boutique style fitness classes are £20-£30 a go, you do get your moneys worth!  

Would I go back? 
Already booked in for the next one!


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