AcroYoga with Lululemon!

So you can probably gather from the sun in these pictures that this post is a little delayed (it was back in August I attended the class!), but even though it was a while ago the class still sticks in my memory, and  I couldn't not share it with you guys.... it's ACROYOGA!

To celebrate the launch of their new store now open on Marylebone High Street, Lululemon Athletica, a fashionable yet functional sportswear brand (basically America’s version of Sweaty Betty!) held yoga events every Sunday in August, based at my favorite Sunday morning venue, Marylebone Farmers Market.

Marylebone Farmers Market
What they say:

You are cordially invited to Marylebone Farmers Market yoga! 
lululemon athletica Marylebone would love for you to be a part of our first official community event. 
Join us from 10.30am until 11.30am on Sunday the 9th at Marylebone farmers market, Cramer St Car Park. Yoga will be held by Anna Karides our lovely ambassador, some of you may know her as she teaches in the community. We look forward downward dogging with you all soon.

What I say: 
Based on their invite, I expected to turn up to the  event for a regular restorative yoga session…. The email failed to mention anything about Acrobatics in the air! Probably just as well- I was initially a bit nervous when I was introduced to what we’d actually be doing, however the fun of it all soon overtook any fearfulness!

What we did: Anna took us through a range of different movements…. Some easier than others!

Acroyoga is all about working with other people, so after getting into pairs we began with a simple exercise – facing each other in a plank position, lifting up one arm to clap – to warm up the abs.

But it soon got harder! Up-dog in plank, backstretch in down-dog, followed by front bird - we quickly made our way through the animal kingdom....

Backstretch in down dog
Backstretch in down dog

But my favourite move had to have been the lifting and flying.... who wouldn't want to fly in the air?!

Lifting and flying

 handsfree - demonstrated by our instructor, Anna

 And just when we thought it couldn’t get much harder, Anna introduced us to throne ...

Step 1 - into position

Step 2 - the lift

Step 3- fully seated

Step 4 - safely down!

Intensity 7/10

A lot more intense than your usual calming yoga workout, Acroyoga definitely requites muscle, strength, and agility.  Not for the faint hearted, but it's also a lot of fun!

Some tumbles on the way!
As the yoga poses are performed in pairs, there's always one partner acting as a stabilising base, meaning even if it's not your 'turn' for actually doing the exercise, your core muscles have to work extra hard just to maintain the position. "Your partner assists you in your poses, and helps you get deeper in to your practice," says Anna. "It's like having a one-on-one yoga session every time."

Instructor 10/10

I am absolutely amazed by Anna! Even smaller than I am (which is difficult!), Anna is quite literally a little ball of muscle - lifting up men double her size! Whilst she claims it's because she's so flexible, I fail to believe there's not a lot of strength packed in there too :P

Price 10/10

Whilst an hours class with Anna would usually cost £14, this event was, wait for it, ABSOLUTELY FREE!! How could I rate it any less than 10/10?!

Amenities 10/10

OK, so given it was based in the middle of a Farmers Marker in Marylebone, they obviously don’t have the traditional amenities (showers, changing rooms….toilets!), but that’s all part of the appeal of an outdoors workout (with the added benefit of topping up my tan!). Even without a studio, Lulelemon certainly made their space appealing enough, set up with some grass turf, a branded sign, and provided yoga mats to all who attended.

Lululemon Athletica

To top it all off, we were even treated to a picnic, which we munched on post-workout sitting on the blankets. With  freshly baked almond and chocolate croissants, in addition to freshly squeezed orange, raspberry and apple juice straight from the market – all for free – it was a lovely addition to my morning!

Picnic time!

Would I go back?

Already have! After attending another one of their outdoor August sessions, Lululemon have now opened their store on Marylebone High Street. Offering free yoga sessions every Sunday morning, it's the perfect way to start your day :-)

Go back and try it at their store- still for free!


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