My night at X-Factor - The First Live Show!

As you guys probably know by now, I'm a bit of a sucker for doing anything a little bit different, so when I received tickets to be in the audience of the first live X-Factor screening, naturally I couldn't say no!

The shows are recorded in Fountain studios at Wembley Park, a short 30 min ride on the Jubilee line from my nearest station, Bond Street. As my friend Steph and I arrived there was already a queue of people waiting - some of whom had been there since midday, when the show didn't even start until 8pm. That's commitment!

The studio

After a little waiting from us, we had our bags searched before entering the studio. My first impression? How how tiny it was! "Everyone says that", said the steward, "it looks a lot bigger on TV, but it actually only holds around 500 people". 500 people?! That's smaller than my school assembly hall! I quite like that though - rather than being stuck at the back of Wembley Arena and watching it all on the large screen anyway, this felt much more intimate.

Steph and I at the studio

Not that we need have worried about being far away - our stewardess quickly showed us to our seats... which were directly behind the judges! Being a few metres away from Simon Cowell.... I was literally dying inside! (Yes, I have a weird crush on that man... don't ask! I think it's the power - the fact everyone is so desperate for his approval, yet he only gives it to the select few. He's my shouldn't but would!)

The judges seats - literally right infront of us!

And of course the female judges looked just as gorgeous in person as they do on TV. Although not something I would wear personally, Rita looked fantastic as she pulled off a Fausto Puglisi two part dress, finished with classic Jimmy Choo pumps. You can buy the dress here for just over £1,600- bargain, right?!
Rita - straight off the catwalk

Cheryl wore Stephane Rolland couture. Although still looking absolutely beautiful, I must admit I was a bit shocked by her stick frame figure, so much so that the arms on her dress were baggy, and her painfully thin legs were particularly alarming.

Cheryl looking stunning in couture

Please Cheryl, we know you're working hard, but look after yourself too!!

Makeup touch-ups for Cheryl...although it was Simon who they visited most frequently!

Funnily enough, it was Cheryl and Simon I was most looking forward to seeing, however I was a little disappointed by the lack of interaction they had with the guests. Whilst Rita and Grimmy would chat to the audience during the ad breaks, as soon as the cameras were off them Cherly and Simon disappeared back stage, running back out only when the music was rolling once again. I guess to them it's purely business - but still! Ollie Murs was of course as lovely as expected, and we overheard Caroline Flack asking Grimmy if he was going out after the show...he was! It was nice to see these guys all seemed genuine friends, and certainly changed my perceptions!

Rita in the commercial break

Best performers had to have been 4th Impact- they were fantastic! Just like little balls of energy :-) Che Chesterman was also really good - when he first began I wasn't too sure, but by the end of the track there wasn't one person still sitting in their seat! Whilst I did expect Bupsi would be put on, Alien Uncovered came as a complete shock.... although their performance wasn't one of my favourites, I certainly wouldn't have put them at the lower end. Just shows - every vote really does matter. Nobody is safe!

4th Impact stage - unfortunately we could only take images when the cameras were off
All in all, I had a fantastic time, and would like to thank Applause Store for such a great opportunity!  But it's not just us bloggers who can go.... you are all eligible for free tickets! Simply sign up at and register for the show of your choice!


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