Where to Eat in London.... Ceviche, Soho

With my love of raw and cured fish, Ceviche is a restaurant I've been keen to visit for a while, so when my parents made a trip down to London it was most definitely on our list to visit!

Ceviche specialises in Peruvian cuisine, being the first to kick-start London's Peruvian restaurant revolution. Note - Ceviche, the original, is the one located at Firth Street in Soho, not to be mistaken with the confusingly similar named Senior Ceviche in Kingly Court. Unfortunately I failed to realise this, and it was only when showing up at Senior Ceviche to find out we weren't on the reservation list did the ball drop. According to the waitress at Senior Ceviche it's a common mistake, and luckily the original Ceviche were kind enough to hold our table for us as we raced down to the correct location!  

As we finally entered, we were greeted by the waitress and shown our seat in the ambient and vibrant restaurant. It certainly had character!

As were given the menu, I held my head in despair as my Dad struggled to read it - apparently the writing was too small and the restaurant too dark - so he resolved the problem by taking a photo on his phone where he could add the flash and zoom in. It was only before nearly crawling under the table with embarrassment did I look around and see 3 other tables around us also doing the same thing!!

However, that would be my only qualm, as once we were able to read through the dishes they all sounded fantastic, and although it was hard we settled on a delicious selection of dishes (some chosen ourselves, some recommended by the clued up waitress!)...

Nuestro Secreto  - Hand-dived scallops tiradito, hibiscus tiger’s milk, chia seeds gel, charcoal salt, pickled green plums

Tiradito Apasionado-  Salmon, passion fruit tiger's milk, purple potato, chia seeds, nasturtium leaves

Don Ceviche  - Fresh seabass ceviche in amarillo chilli tiger’s milk, limo chilli, sweet potato and red onions

Choclo Corn Cake with Avocado - Corn and feta cheese savoury cake, HuancaĆ­na sauce, avocado, salsa criolla

Vidas Verdes (half demolished... I didn't quite get to the camera in time!) - Artichokes, palm hearts, charapita Amazonian chilli dressing, baby leaves, heritage tomatoes

 Costillas Chifa - Baby back pork ribs, pineapple, amarillo chilli, soy sauce, limo chilli, spring onions

Lomo Saltado  - Beef fillet, sliced, flame cooked with red onions, tomatoes and proper chips

Pachamanca Chicken - Chicken breast, smoked panca and Andean huacatay herb sauce, sweet potato

Whilst we all ordered our own, we of course all tucked into each others, and I honestly couldn't tell you which were my favourite. (I actually started to write a list of the best ones, but there weren't any I was able to leave off it - they were all so delicious).

So whilst Ceviche isn't necessarily the cheapest (each tapas style dishes ranges from £7-£12), it is definitely worth a visit for an interesting experience with fresh and creative  dishes that you wouldn't find elsewhere! (or, atleast, if you don't go up the road to Senior Ceviche!!)

Ceviche Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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