Glow Ballet Tone at Good Vibes Covent Garden!

What they say:

Glow Ballet Tone, our signature Ballet and Pilates conditioning class. A high energy conditioning class uses weight bearing exercise, dancers conditioning technique, and strength training. Through the interval cardio training the metabolic rate is elevated to produce a long, lean and toned physique.

The Studio

What I say:

Wow! Now, being a Ballet/Barre enthusiast, I have to admit I went along to this class expecting it to perhaps be a bit mediocre. I couldn't tell you why, I just didn't have all that high expectations.

So when I was met with perhaps one of the best and definitely most intense ballet class I have ever experienced, you can imagine my shock.... I hadn't prepared myself for this!


What we did:

Anything and everything!! Whilst most Barre classes I've experienced have focused on high reps with pulses to tone the  muscles, Ballet Tone at Good Vibes had the lovely addition of interval cardio sessions...delightful!

Ready for ballet jumps!
From fast ballet jumps from first position high into the air, folding down into plank for mountain climbers, to a mind boggling sequence of arm and leg lifting (left leg right arm; right arm left leg; left arm left leg) - it might sound easy, but at the amazingly fast pace we were going at it was god dam impossible! What nearly polished me off were the leg pulses at the end- positioned in arabesque and raising from the thighs up and down continuously until our leg burned!

Leg raises

Another added element to this class that gave an interesting challenge I'd never experienced outside of yoga was the Infrared heating, giving a pleasantly warm and soothing sensation that allows the body to safely open and release. Not only this, but the studio is also equipped with SAD lighting to improve your mood during each class. Now I know why they call it 'Glow' Ballet Tone - I did literally feel like I was glowing inside (albeit completely nakard!).

Intensity: 10/10

See above! I had planned to head up to their Fitzrovia studio straight afterwards to try out one of their signature Power Plates classes, but after an exhausting hour of moving my body in every shape and way possible, there was no way I could move another muscle!! I'll save power plating for another time :P

Instructor 10/10

Our instructor, Antonia, a professional ballet dancer with an MA in Movement Studies and qualifications in Pilates, was say the least! I must admit, during the class I was a little terrified of her, as she shouted out instructions in a bootcamp style manner : "LEGS STRAIGHT", "SUCK THAT TUMMY IN" and "DID I SAY YOU COULD REST INBETWEEN?!", as we all collapsed to the floor as we switched sides from side plank.

Plank - no rest!

She did make me laugh though - during the class we had your standard annoying female, sat right at the front and commenting out loud on every thing possible (you get them in every class!). At one point, Antonia actually shouted out for her to "shut up please!".

However, angry Antonia seemed to be her simply in teacher mode, and as soon as the music stopped she was chatting away and thanking everyone for their hard work and for coming along! She couldn't have been lovelier outside of the class, and I guess that's exactly what you want during the workout - someone to be pushing that little bit harder!

Antonia - smiley, friendly, but fierce!

Amenities 5/10

Showers kitted out with organic shampoo and conditioner, lockers to store your things and towel hire for an additional charge, Good Vibes offered everything that would be required, but didn't necessarily go above and beyond, like many of the other boutique studios have (Core Collective, for example!). That said, the studio was bright, airy and clean, all mats and equipment provided free of charge, and what was perhaps a lack of luxury toiletries was reflected in the very reasonable pricing....

The studio

Price: 9/10

At £16 for an hour's class on a pay as you go basis, Good Vibes offer strong value for money in comparison to the £25 average you'd pay for a Ballet/Barre class in London. And with the intensity of the workout we had, it is most definitely a £16 worth investing! Moreover, they're currently offering a 30 day pass for only £45, giving you unlimited access to the range of yoga, cycling, power plates, pilates and ballet classes they have on offer. Try it out here!

Keep a look out for the next review!


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