Psycle pops up at Selfridges!

What they say:

The Psycle workout is specifically designed to strengthen the body's core and tone key body parts whilst burning maximum calories. Light hand weights are used to tone the upper body whilst movement out of the saddle increases the engagement of core muscles and raises the heart rate.

What I say:

Ah, Psycle - as the very first boutique fitness studio I visited, it will always hold a soft space in my heart! It may seem a little crazy given my blog is now based around them, however if you had asked me two and a half years ago about a gym charging £20-£30 for an hours class, I would have laughed at the very idea. That was, however, before I visited Psycle, who opened me to the playground of boutique fitness and invited me to play! 

My intial visit to Psycle was two years ago for the launch of their first ever studio on Mortimer Street, just behind Oxford Street central London, and I have been a number of times since. Around a year ago, they  opened up another studio in Canary Wharf (money-rich/time poor banking district) - and now, launching just on Monday evening, I was delighted to attend on the opening evening of their new Selfridges pop up.

What does this mean, I hear you ask?! Basically, for six weeks only (as part of the exciting Selfridges Body Project), Psycle will be delivering their world renowned classes in the newly built, state of the art BODYWORK space, located in the ground floor of the department store. Being able to combine my fitness obsession with my equally as strong obsession with my all time favourite department store?! It's a dream come true!

The 'reception', complete with workout gear and cooking books!

Intensity: 10/10

Just like the classes in their permanent studios, the Psycle Selfridges pop up takes no prisoners, and workouts are high energy and hardcore....literally! With constant moving up and out of the saddle to engage the core muscles, whilst I am used to my legs burning after a spin class, I don't usually feel it quite as bad in my abs!

The pop up space (note this has been heavily lightened on Photoshop-  it was so dark in there!)
The principles of the class are very similar to your standard spinning class - a combination of slow hill tracks with a heavy load, fast sprints with almost no resistance, and interval training keeping you moving up and down the speed/resistance scale. However, with the addition of hand weights and upper body exercises to the regime (think shoulder presses, chest presses, triceps extensions - yep, all whilst still cycling!) Psycle really do take it to a new level.

A lovely basket of hand weights!
What frustrates me a little is that, I believe, it be so easy for any spinning studio to add this amazing extra workout to their spin classes - but, for some reason, they just don't. That's why I like Psycle - they go  the extra mile!

Another interesting addition to Psycle is the Cleated shoes, which are used by everyone during the class. Provided free of charge by Psycle, these shoes are designed to increase the connection between your legs and the bike, engaging the hamstrings and glute muscles resulting in lean, toned legs (and no big thighs!). It also allows for you to safely spend more time out of the saddle (hence the burning core muscles!!),  raising the heart rate and working you more efficiently. 

Select your shoes

Instructor: 8/10

My instructor was Becky, who can usually be found at the Mortimer St studio. As a personal trainer and Stott pilates instructor, she was engaging, encouraging and enthusiastic - ticking all the boxes!

Becky - raising our pulses!


As you'll know from my previous posts, it's this category that holds high regards in my posts and, whilst the Psycle Mortimer St studio scored 10/10, if I'm completely honest I didn't expect this to be replicated in the Selfridges pop up.

But I'm happy to admit I was wrong.... very wrong! Showers, lockers, drinking water all provided, they managed to recreate the boutique studio environment even in the busy department store. Impressive!


The final pieces!

Price: 8/10

At £20 per class, whilst it may appear slightly expensive, it is actually at the lower end of most London fitness boutique classes. And, given this one really gives a full body workout, it is most definitely worth it! And if you're STILL not sure, log on to the site now and take advantage of their 'First timers' offer - where you can get two full classes for £20. Trust me, it will be enough to get you hooked!

Find it on the ground floor of Selfridges - limited time only!
The pop up is only there for six weeks, so book your place before it's too late!! And I hope you enjoy the ride!


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