The Lomax Triple with Girl Gains Zanna Van Dijk!

What they say:

To mark the launch of the exciting new activewear collaboration between Sports Philosophy and Zanna Van Dijk, we’re giving you the opportunity to take part in the first ever LOMAX TRIPLE.

In this hour-long class, you’ll be put through the ultimate Lomax circuit – twenty fast-paced minutes each of the Lomax Blast, Cycle Blast and Core-Set. The class will finish with a challenge with an amazing Lomax & Sports Philosophy prize pack up for grabs. After the class you will have the opportunity to meet Zanna, preview the new collection and enjoy a delicious (and well-deserved) Grill Market afternoon tea. Only 24 places available – don’t miss out!

Zanna Van Dijk and Sports Philosophy Collection

What I say:

With the Instagram phenomonia that is The Girl Gains (if you haven’t heard of them yet - firstly, where have you been?! - but secondly, check them out here!), when I saw this event marking the launch of the new fitness range by one of the three founders, Zanna Van Dijk, I raced to the Lomax website to book in before all the tickets sold out… and got in by the skin of my teeth - tickets went fast!

As the description says, the event was made up of the three different classes offered at Lomax, a specialist luxury training studio in Chelsea. As we were split into three seperate groups of eight people, each group was assigned to a different first class, rotating round to try all three.

The cycle studio

I was in the third group, who started on Cycle Blast. Set in the basement studio of Lomax gym, this was a hard hitting, endorphin pumping spin class, following the usual spin principles of combining fast and slow pace with heavy and lighter resistance, set to an upbeat playlist of feel good and energising tunes!!

Lomax main gym pods
After a full on 20 minutes, we moved up to the main gym floor for Lomax Blast.  Here, we were assigned to a slot in a row of ‘pods’, each containing a squat rack, barbell, plates, TRX, bosu and bench. Launching into a high intensity full body workout, we performed supersets of different strength exercises (everything from squats, pull ups, chest presses and shoulder presses), breaking only for a set of full on jumping burpees. Hardcore! 

The pods
After twenty minutes of heavy weight and conditioning work, we went into the Ab Challenge - and, after the instructor highlighted the winner from each class would win a piece from Zanna’s fantastic new collection, my competitive streak kicked in… I wanted to win this one!!! As we all braced the blank position, our instructor began the watch…..1 minute, a couple of people dropped out - by 2 minutes, a couple more. Reaching 3 minutes, there was myself, my friend Steph, and one other girl in our group who were all still going strong. Now, had it of been me and Steph in the final two, I would have been delighted for either of us to win, but after Steph couldn’t take any more and dropped to the floor, the competition between me and my nemesis was on (obviously joking, it was all friendly fun!). Despite the burning in my abs, arms and shoulders, I was determined, and when it finally reached 4 minutes of planking, my competitor dropped …. and I had won!! 

(Unfortunately, it later emerged that the winner from each class would be put forward and only one of the three of us would be elected at random to receive the Sports Bra…. and it wasn’t me :( Boooo, but it was still fun... albeit it painful!).

All ready for Core-set!
Finally, we finished in the studio with the Core-set. As we entered, we were given elasticated bands which we used throughout the workout, mostly around our ankles to add resistance as we performed series of leg lifts, squats, planks, side planks and sit ups, alongside many more core and leg strengthening exercises. 

Now,  time to refuel!!
Needless to say, after three intense classes our bodies had been officially blasted, at which point we all joined together once again to tuck into a delicious afternoon freshly prepared by The Grill Market. With chicken souvlaki, quinoa falafel, salmon on rye and coconut protein balls, all washed down with fruit infused ice tea, it was just the healthy spread we needed to refuel our hard worked muscles!  

As we munched away, Zanna talked to us about her new activewear collection in collaboration with Sports Philosophy, an ethical brand who run their own charity, the Freedom for Children Foundation. 

Zanna with Sports Philosophy founders Stella and Matthias
The collection, which consists of sports bras and leggings, was designed from start to finish by Zanna, who truly understands what us girls need when we work out! The bra, for example, comes with padding for boost and support, whilst my favourite piece from the collection, the leggings, have a high waist to keep you secure and mobile, and an amazing mesh panel design. Not only is this super practical for adding a little ventilation to keep you cool during a sweaty workout, but it also looks absolutely awesome... I'd totally wear these outside of the gym!! Word on the street is that they are selling fast, so if you are keen to buy then visit before they all go (cheeky NON disclaimer - I promise, I'm not making commission on these, I just genuinely love them!!)

Zanna telling us about the range

Intensity: 10/10

OK, so going back to the workout! Because each instructor only had their group for twenty minutes, their workouts were full on and hardcore - there wasn't enough time to let you grab a breather! The only slight relief was moving from class to class, where they had allowed five minutes to transition....meaning we could be sure we were getting the full time slot at each studio. Having said that, with such a variety in the combination of classes, it was so fun and passed so quickly you barely noticed the pain!

Still smiling....just!!

Instructor: 8/10

Whilst we unfortunately didn't get the experience any training from Ms Zanna Van Dijk herself, her colleagues at Lomax gym more than took care of us - motivating and pushing us harder at each and every me, as we reached that third class, we needed all the help we could get!


As ever, as a luxury boutique gym, Lomax had all the amenities you would expect - showers, REN toiletries, fluffy towels, hairdryers, straighteners, and the AWESOME Grill Market cafe for post workout treats. I actually visited for brunch a couple of months ago (read my review here ) .... I've been craving more of those protein pancakes ever since!! 

Price: 10/10

Tickets to the event were priced at £20, cheaper than the majority of fitness classes you find in the area. Given this included a trial of 3 classes, a full brunch, AND the chance to meet Zanna in person and pick her brains about training and nutritional advice, personally I feel it couldn't have been better value for money!!

Would I go back?

Yes please!! Zanna, I hope you have another event the meantime, I'll see you at Be:Fit this weekend!

A couple weeks earlier at the Girl Gains Event in collaboration with Protein Pow, with Tally, Zanna and Vic 


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