Nike Unlimited London Takeover!

You've probably seen it all over Instagram, the myserious Nike Unlimited Event that happened last week over Brick Lane. For three days only, Nike took over The Old Truman Brewery where thousands of participants were given the change to experience the immersive "Unlimited You" event.

That's what I call a reception desk!

Super excited, although not really sure what to expect, my friend Sasha and I entered the venue to be greeted at the Nike reception desk. After signing us in, we were given bands with numbers and a large box to take to the changing rooms.

My box
"This contains everything you need for your workout. Place your own trainers back in the box, along with all your valuables, and return to us. You'll get it back at the end of your session".

As we had opted for the Kobox boxing experience, we were provided with gloves and lightweight HIT training shoes for the session. The other option was to dig deep with a Barry's Bootcamp session, the boxes for which  contained the new Nike running shoes. 

The boxing gloves, T-shirt and bag all ours to keep :)

Following instructions, we changed into our gear, then waited in the warehouse reception area along with around 60 other nervous participants - half of us for Kobox, half of us for Barry's. As the clock on the wall counted down the seconds till we began, the suspense was building high! 

Nike T-shirt's on - the suspense was killing! 
Finally, as the countdown hit zero, suddenly all Kobox particpants were all brought to their feet as we ran into a dark hallway for a bootcamp style workout. "NO TALKING!" "PHONES AWAY!" "RAISE THOSE KNEES HIGHER!". Yep.... this was gonna be intense!

Managed a very quick shot before being told to put my phone away - "THIS IS A WORKOUT!"

Following the "warmup", the electronic doors opened to reveal a studio, with an illuminated boxing ring in the center, with our Kobox trainer ready to get down to a serious hardcore boxing workout!


With no time to spare, we ran to a free bag and put on our gloves, before starting our routine alongside the flashy, club-style light installation. Front jabs, left hooks, undercuts, "move between every punch!" was the name of the game.

"After you've whacked out that powerful throw you wanna get the hell out of the way!" the trainer kept reminding us, giving our fitness a knock in the right direction. After 45 minutes of intense cardio and strength, we finished our Kobox session out of breath and sweating buckets .... but it didn't end there! 

Sweaty, but still smiling!!

As we moved to the side of the room where Nike had laid out our second pair of shoes, this time for running, we knew the next session wasn't going to be a restful one! Once again, we lined up along the wall and, as we joined the other half of the group who had just finished Barry's, the electronic doors slowly opened to reveal our next surprise .....

Is that.....??
Yes, I think it is....!

Yep, that's it - A LIVE ORCHESTRA! 

Playing a bespoke soundtrack composed by Hot Chip duo Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard, the live orchestra provided  music, and a hell of a lot of ambience, to get our pulses racing once again in a Nike Training Club workout session.  

Round 2!
Those who began with the Kobox session were put through their paces once again with an interval training session on the treadmills with Nike Run Club, whilst those who began with Barry's (and had already done enough sprinting for one day!) were grueled with a HIT Nike Training Club workout. Although I should have been doing the treadmills, given my recent injuries I asked if I could do the Nike Training Club instead, and the lovely trainers said that wasn't a problem - but I shouldn't think I'm be getting let off easy!

With boxing, burpees, push-ups, planks and sprinters, I certainly wasn't, and after another 45 minutes of intense cardio and strength training, we were officially wiped!!!

Just Do It - and I did!

After high fives all round from the trainers and participants, we had a huge round of applause for the fantastic orchestra. Exhausted but buzzing, we made our way up on  the rooftop and reveled in the success of our workout over amazing views right across London.

Much needed fooooood!!

And finally, it was time to refuel!! As good as the chocolate and strawberry protein shake from Barry's was, alongside nutritious chicken and quinoa salad from my favorite healthy eatery Maple & Fitz, the highlight was DEFINITELY the Protein Pancakes from Maple and Fitz. Put together with your choice of toppings (berries, banana, greek yoghurt and chocolate), then drizzled with your selection of nut butter (I went for the coconut and almond - my absolute favorite) - it was the perfect end to a fantastic experience! 

Smiling again!
Infact, I enjoyed it so much, I went back for round 2 the second day!! This time I tried out the Barry's Bootcamp experience - just as intense, as one of my favourite Barry's trainers Anya Lahiri put us through our paces. Cranking up the speed so high that I managed to loose my balance and fall RIGHT OFF THE TREADMILL (just a tad embarrassing!!), as Nike kept telling us - there are no limits!! 

Day 2 - Barry's

A huge thanks to Nike, Kobox, Barry's Bootcamp, Pip and Nut, Maple and Fitz, and all the other individuals and teams who came together to make such a fantastic and memorable event - this was a a weekend I won't forget!

Only you define your limits


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