BeFit London & Another Space Christmas Takeover!

What they say:

Be:FIT London Takeover Series is back and this time we are hijaking Another Space in Soho for a festive fitness special.

Join us alongside some of London's hottest fitness bloggers from 6pm on Thursday 15th December for hair braiding and snacks before taking on a class from the selection below. After the class, enjoy protein refuel refreshments and a Christmas suprise from Be:FIT London.

Christmas with Be:Fit London

What I say:

Food, pampering, a high intensity workout, all done with fitness fiend friends along to festive music? My Christmas has come early!!


What we did:

So, on Thursday evening a swarm of printed leggings all made their way to Another Space in Soho - which, as anyone who follows me on Instagram will know, is pretty much my new studio obsession!

Another Space

As we entered, we were greeted with a big Christmas tree fully stocked with the BeFit London goody bags. and we all signed in with the friendly reception team before grabbing a quick drink and exploring the goodies on offer!

Pre workout snack time with Sambazon

To prepare us for our workout, Sambazon were on board offering their delicious Acai smoothie bowls. Having become a firm favourite of mine, it's always a delight when I see they're at an event, and I wasted no time getting tucked into my snack pot... which I had with ALL the toppings available-  obv!


Given it was an all girls pampering night, we also had a team of stylists on hand, offering pleats and hair braiding to the fitness squads. Telling my stylist I'd be happy for her to do whatever she pleased, she used her creative outlet to give me this awesome back french pleat, complete with a little bun on top to show off her handiwork. Nice!

Cause I would never do the back of my head myself!!

Steph, meanwhile, went for a beautiful classic fishtail.... which stayed in perfectly despite the hardcore workout we were about to go into!

Awaiting the class...


So hair done, nibbles eaten and drinks, emmm, drank (?), we headed to the studios downstairs for our workout. With a choice of HIIT, Spin or Yoga, as my usual favorite HIIT was fully booked, Steph and I selected the Spin class when we reserved our tickets. 

(It later turned out that some spots in HIIT had become available but, given we'd just had our hair styled, we sticked with the lower impact/more hair friendly spin option. Priorities, right?!)

Cycle studio

But we needn't of thought we were getting off lightly - quite the opposite infact! As we took our place on our bikes, we popped on our cleated shoes - the specialist footwear given to all participants of the class, designed to increase the connection between your legs and bike, engaging the hamstrings and resulting in lean, toned legs. 

Ready to go!!

Not only this, but by clipping into the pedals, the cleats also allow you safely ride up and out of the saddle - something we did a LOT of during this spin class! With the addition of hand weights also giving us an upper body workout during some of the tracks, we really were blasted from all angles!

Motion shot - up and out of the seat!


Our instructor Leanne was, quite simply, awesome! A professional dancer and hardcore spin instructor, she kept engaged, full of energy, and super enthusiastic as we rode  along to the beat of the music (and above ut in some instances!!).

Our instructor Leanne, centre stage, still looking AMAZING post workout! Don't know how she does it!


Ahhhh, no studio is complete without an array of awesome changing room amenities, and Another Space of course doesn't fail to excel! Big showers complete with Cowshed toiletries, deodorant, disposable razors, hair bobbles, electrical appliances, and automatic combi lock lockers - there's no need to fret about forgetting your padlock/losing your key.

No. 107 thank you!! How does everyone else remember?!

Just make sure you remember what locker you used!! Or, write it on their super cool blackboard- as I always have to do (memory of a sieve - too excited about the class, obv!).

Post workout fuel:

Neat Nutrition, coming our way....

So, after we'd been blazed and blasted from all angles, it was time for a MUCH needed Protein Shake, provided by Natural Fitness Food and Neat Nutrition. With the option of vanilla, peanut butter and oats, or chocolate, date and coconut, needless to say I grabbed up a chocolate one before they were all gone :P YUM!


As the icing on the cake (or, perhaps more appropriate, peanut butter on the smoothie bowl :P) we left with an awesome jam packed goody bag courtesy of BeFit London and all their sponsors....

Can't beat a goody bag

Peskier snack bars, Neat Nutrition protein, MissFits Multi-tasker, Linwoods Snackettes and even a voucher for The Sports Edit in Chelsea,  I sense my activewear wardrobe is about to expand even further. Especially after having spent the evening admiring the printed Reebok leggings worn by the BeFit London team - I totally need to get myself a pair of those!!

Sweaty but smiling!

All in all, a fantastic event, and I cannot thank the BeFit London and Another Space team for putting it all together. 

If you did miss out, don't worry, as tickets for the full BeFit London event are still on sale!! Visit and grab yours, and you too can be part of the action :-) Hope to see you there!

Merry Christmas Be:Fit London!


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