An Evening with Deliciously Ella....

As you may have spotted via my Instagram stories, this has been a bit of a mad week with various events each night... I just can't say no! Let's just say my FOMO certainly paid off on Thursday evening, when I made my way down to The Mae Deli on Weighouse Street, Mayfair, to join the infamous Ella Mills to celebrate the launch of her new book, Deliciously Ella with Friends.

Cock tails on arrival - beetroot juice laced with vodka. Healthy, right?!

Just incase you haven't heard of this twenty five year old blogger sensation -  where have you been?! Creator of must-read food blog,, Ella Mills first began to assess her own eating habits after being diagnosed with a rare condition called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome in 2011. When traditional medicine failed her, after reading up about the effects of diet and lifestyle on your health, Ella took the plunge to revamp her entire food philosophy and focus on a wholefood, plant based diet. As her symptoms improved rapidly, Ella began to share her experiences on her blog... and the rest, as they say, is history. Now, with a recipe app listed top on the iTunes favourites, two deli's located in the heart of central London, a natural beauty/skincare range with Neil's Yard, her own range of 'Energy Balls' stocked in the likes of Wholefoods, Waitrose, Ocada, Planet Organic and many more, this ambitious entrepreneur is continuing in her world domination with the launch of her FOURTH book, Deliciously Ella with Friends.

"But I'm not vegeterian?" I here you say. Don't worry, me neither!

Whilst Ella's recipes are all vegetarian, wheat and refined sugar free, what I love about Ella's philosophy is that she doesn't believe in fad diets or deprivation. Whilst she eats the way she does in order to manage her illness, she encourages her readers to adapt her recipes to suit them and their lifestyle. For example, as a highly active individual, whilst I am aware I would be able to fulfill my daily protein requirements with a vegetarian diet, I personally don't believe it would be the most beneficial lifestyle for me - and that's OK. After being slammed by many readers for offering fish and meat on the menu at The Mae Deli, I fully back Ella's decision. As she said herself, she wants to open up healthy food to the widest possible audience and, as far as I believe, there's no reason lean meats and proteins can't be a part of this. 

So, when entering the deli to be greeted with a fabulous spread of delicious healthy canapes, although we were all DYING to get stuck in, the benefit of being with a group of bloggers is we all fully appreciate the need for photos before the display gets demolished! Patiently waiting until all the photos had been taken, we soon began to dive in to the test out the delicious treats on offer.....

Whilst the rye crispbreads with aubergine caviar were especially crispy (and broke nicely  down my front as I bit into them!),  the rice paper vegetable rolls with a subtly sweet peanut satay sauce went down a treat! My favourite, however, was the infamous sweet potato falafel - with sundried tomatoes, subtle spices, a soft doughy texture and  natural sweetness from the anti-oxidant rich potato, I don't think I'll be able to go back to shop-bought ever again!

It was the deserts, however, that stole the show! As a self confessed sweet-tooth, Ella certainly doesn't deny herself a little of what she fancies, but focuses on healthy substitutions, such as honey, maple syrup and dates to configure her sweet treats. Although the Chai-seed jam Victoria Sponge was the most picture-esque out of the lot, it was the brownies - the richest, gooiest, most nourishing brownies I ever tasted - that were the clear winner! So delicious that I may just have to return for more. On a daily basis. Perhaps hourly :P

Or, I make them myself, with the new cookbook! To top of what was already a lovely evening, we were even given an awesome goody bag to take home, complete with Deliciously Ella snack balls, a BEAUTIFUL Mae Deli granola (I am 100% returning for some more) and of course a copy of the 'Deliciously Ella with Friends' Cookbook itself. With delicious recipes including everything from blueberry pancakes and honey lemon breakfast bars, sweet potato noodles with creamy satay sauce and three bean stew with mango salsa, healthy rocky roads and chocolate peanut butter pie. have well and truly been inspired to get my cooking apron out! I only hope I can do Ella justice....


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