Psycle & Lululemon Rooftop Spin Class

When Lululemon launch their new London flagship store on Regent Street, you know there's going to be something to celebrate, and the events in the lead up to the officially opening at 10am on Thursday certainly didn't disappoint!

Brand new flagship

So, on Monday, whilst the majority of London was hiding in doors (between the rain and the tube strike, Regent Street was the quitest I'd EVER seen it!), a group of us hardcore Lulu fans made our way to the soon-to-be-opened store for what has to have been one of the most epic Spin classes I have experienced. Ever!

Psycle and Lululemon - you know this combination is gonna be good!

Now, I’m not going to lie, as I walked down Regent Street absolutely soaked in the torrential rain, I did question my sanity. You see, this wasn’t an ordinary spin class, this was an Open Air ROOFTOP spin class, taking place on an outdoor roof garden overlooking the whole of London. Incredible – yes. Wet and windy? Absolutely.

“We will be undercover, right?” I nervously asked the excited Lululemon team members as I entered the venue (completely unprepared without waterproofs, as I hadn’t actually intended on spinning on a rooftop up until about two hours before!).

“Nope, we’re totally out doors, right in the open air!!” the upbeat Lulu tribe responded. Got to admit, at this point I was highly tempted to turn round and retreat back to my cosy dry flat, but after the excited Lulu team assured me this wasn’t something I wanted to miss out on, FOMO kicked in and I made my way up the stairs as the door was locked behind me. No going back now!

Kit in big

As we waited nervously on the staircase, the lovely team from Psycle handed us over our cleated shoes - specially designed to clip into the bike, ensuring safety whilst up and out of the saddle and also maximizing engagement of the calves. With a water bottle, a Lululemon bag and bounds of energy, they unleashed us onto the roof.

And immediately, my FOMO addiction paid off, as we were exposed to the awesome views over the whole of London. As we took up our spaces on the bikes, the music kicked in, the lights went on, and we began our ride.

The rain pounded down, but we didn’t care – in fact, it only added to the ambience, as Psycle instructor/Lululemon ambassador Kevin took us through a hardcore 45 minute Psycle style class. Sprints, hills, up and out the saddle, upper body shimmeys, finishing it all with an arm track using the weighted dumbbells – it was a hardcore class, but we were all so taken away by the surroundings we hardly even noticed.

As the music quietened, the lights dimmed, and we completed our cool downs, we all jumped off the bikes and continued to relish in our ‘pinch me’ moment, looking down at the innocent Regent Street by passers who were all wondering what the hell was going on!!


Snuggling back into my cosy jacket and Adidas trainers, I have genuinely never been so sad for a class to end, and as I made my way back home for a warm shower and hot chocolate, I continued to relish in the evenings events. Monday nights will never be the same again….

(Oh, and just incase you're wondering, yes - I did get a shot on that 'Meditation Om the Move' bus. And yes, it was just as amazing as you'd expect! Seriously, Lululemon - you rock it EVERY SINGLE TIME. Reason number ten zillion and one why you are just such an awesome brand!)

(As part of their ongoing community initiatives, Lululemon hold free weekly classes in all their stores, from yoga to run clubs, suitable for all levels, ages and abilities. Check out to find your nearest one. See you on the mat!)


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