4Fitnessake and Tezenis New Activewear Launch

Picture the scene. One of your favourite personal trainers. The launch of her new workout routine. Combined with the launch of a new Activewear line. Followed by food and goodies. 

Chiara and Tezenis

Yes, basically my version of heaven! So when the beautiful Chiara (AKA 4FitnessSake) decided to hold an event at the Tezenis on Oxford Street to celebrate the launch of their new #Fitness_City clothing line, needles to say I was there in a heartbeat!

As an Italian born company, Tezenis has over 300 stores in Italy and over 100 in other countries around the world. Now, to be honest, I have walked past the store a number times outside of Oxford Circus tube station and, although there's been things that have caught my eye, I've never really made the effort to actually go inside. But when there's a new activewear line on the cards - well, naturally that changes things - and as a group us fitness enthusiasts climbed up to the top floor one Wednesday evening, we were a little in awe at all the beautiful new outfits on display. Beautiful printed leggings for £16.99? Sports bras for £14.99? Talk about a not so guilty splurge! 

Then of course, out appears Chiara, absolutely rocking the Teens colour splash leggings and matching sports bra. As we took to our mats, she lead us into a gentle warm up before beginning the new series of her very own 'Total Body' workout....

Created by Chiara herself, Total Body is a head-to-toe workout created exclusively for women. Having worked at top end studios Barrecore and Psycle, and now as a PT at luxury London gym The Third Space, Chiara knows the ins and outs of how to sculpt and tone the body - and her workout certainly backs that up! 

Set to music, the class alternates between intervals of cardio aerobics and resistance training using barre inspired moves to lengthen, strengthen and elongate the body.  Yes, the workout is high energy. Yes, it's challenging, and your legs/bum/arms/everything WILL burn (that's all those isometric moves thank you very much), but with Chiara's bubbly personality, encouraging words and killer body herself - she manages to motivate you to work through the pain!! So, whilst our 'water bottle' weights might not look like much, with tiny isometric moves working deep into the core stabilising muscles, trust me, the burn was real....

Whilst the first two parts of the class comprise of endurance and power, the last part of the class is all about 'letting go'. Here, Chiara encourages you all to have fun, play around, discover what works for you and your body. This is why I love Chiara's attitude to fitness so much - rather than forcing you to rep out sets of your least favourite exercise, or encourage you to slog away for hours on the treadmill,  Chiara turns working out into something you can actually love. 

Fighting those bingo wings!

With this in mind, Chiara is now holding monthly events, bringing together groups of females to workout, sweat, laugh, chat....and well, everything else happens when a gaggle of girls combine!

You may remember my last review on the here previous event with Women's Health editor Kate Mulloy, which focused on the importance of a balance (if not, here it is). This month, however, Chiara is focusing on 'self love', joining forces with Liha Beauty, a natural ethical skincare brand. After a 45 minute session of the Total Body Class with Chiara herself, everyone at the event will then be able to make their very own natural body scrub (yes, you get it take home with you!) and, throughout the event, both Chiara and the founders of Liha Beauty (Abi and Liha, FYI) will be talking everything about self-love and how to practice it everyday.  

Tickets for the event are limited and there's only a few left, so visit this link quickly if you want to reserve yours!

Wheel Barrow laughs!

If you have missed out, don't worry, there will be another event next month too :)  Maybe I'll catch you there!


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