Launch of 'Core De Force' at Slice Fitness

Attractive Game Face :S

What they say:

This MMA-inspired, total-body workout uses core conditioning combinations, bodyweight moves, and cardio spikes to harness the power of your core and have you feeling like a total badass. You'll burn major calories and carve your waist - no equipment needed.

Hook demo from one of our hardcore instructors
What I say:

When I was invited to the launch of Core De Force at Slice Studio, on the day of their 5th birthday nonetheless, I've got to admit I was a bit skeptical. I don't know about you, but I never feel bodyweight workouts give me quite the same benefits as having a treadmill, heavy weights and a squat rack on hand. Nonetheless, given there was post workout nibbles, shakes and goodies on hand, I figured it was worth a shot! And, turns out, I was about to be pleasantly (or not so pleasantly, depending on how you look at it!) surprised....

Warming it up
What we did:

As we entered the studio, we were greeted with three giant faces on a large screen. As a plethora of American accents welcomed us to the class, we discovered we were actually on a live video conference with the Core De Force founders themselves. Dialing in all the way from the states, they wished us luck (apparently we were going to need it!) before setting us off on the workout...

The workout!

45 minutes in total, Core De Force is made up on 3 minutes rounds combining boxing, kick boxing and Muay Thai. The instructors took us through various MMA inspired combinations of punching, kicking and jabbing - specially designed to specifically target the core - whilst incorporating bodyweight moves including lunges, press ups and burpees (my favourite!), to build total body strength. The real highlight, however, was the cardio 'spikes'. 60 seconds of going all out in high intensity aerobic movements - they were a killer!


The knee to elbow cardio spikes - killer!

Inspired by the high octane mixed martial arts sport, Core De Force proved my belief about requiring equipment to get a proper workout was 100% wrong! What I didn't know before going along, was that Core De Force was actually designed by Beachbody Live - founders of the legendary 'Insanity' at home, body blasting workout. Had I have known THAT, I probably would have prepared myself a LITTLE better! Finishing the class literally dripping, anyone who says I hardly sweat clearly hasn't seen me post Core De Force!

And finally, time to stretch it all out.....

Would I go back?

For sure! Admittedly, whilst the Slice Fitness studio was absolutely beautiful and they offer an amazing range of classes (everything from Yoga to Spin to Barre and even Trampoline), the Fulham location is always such a mission to get to!

 But I needn't fear - Core De Force is going to be popping up at many more studios around London - keep an eye on to find one near you. In the meantime, I'm making the most of my Beach Body On Demand subscription - with over 600 workouts that can all be done in the comfort of your own home, it's perfect for anyone without access or time to go to a fancy studio!

Don't mess with the Core De Force Crew!


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