The Games at KXU, Chelsea

Just when you think London couldn’t possibly top it’s luxury fitness studio game, up pops KXU, Chelsea’s latest and most swankiest boutique workout hub.

Giant light up sign - not like it has Instagram written all over it!

With a jam packed timetable consisting of everything from yoga and barre, to spin and treadmill training, KXU certainly offers something to suit every need. However, being a bit of weight lifting/circuit fiend, it was ‘The Games’ that particularly caught my eye. Described as “no ordinary class” where “the words “I can’t” or “I’m done” don’t exist”, after spotting it was one of my favourite instructors Laura (aka @bicepsandbronzer), taking the Saturday morning class, the decision to book in was a no brainer.

I-pad waiver complete-  promised I won't sue them if I die.

As twenty nervous gym go-ers entered into the spacious studio, lights dimmed and music already blaring, Laura walked us over to the whiteboard where she had already written up our fate – a ten station circuit, each consisting of two exercises to be performed with a partner – three minutes total on each.

The studio

Easy right?! Wrong! Inspired by the principles of Strongman training, unlike the majority of classes which seem to focus on cardio and toning, at The Games, you LIFT!  Whether it’s battle ropes, tyre flips, goblet squats or prowlers, going light in not an option. Incorporating some more cardio based elements into the routine such as ski-ergs and assault bikes to give an ‘active rest’ (really!?), Laura’s program was designed to really push you the max, giving you the best workout possible.

When the lights turn red, you know it's about to go down!

But, what if you’re a beginner and have no idea what a ski-erg is, or a Bulgarian split squat? Or you’ve heard of a deadlift but don’t actually know what direction you should be sending your bum, or where your hands are meant to be positioned on that awkward bar? No problem at all. Going round each and every station before the class began, Laura explained every exercise in full detail, giving a demonstration and pointing out particular tips to ensure sure you had the correct form and alignment.

My favourite station... picking up the sandbags and moving them all to the opposite side of the room, any way you see best. It's like tidying your room, but heavier and more fun.... :S

Having said that, during the class as the music was blaring and the light flashing, I did find myself getting caught up in the high energy and pace – meaning I would fall culprit to some of the rooky alignment errors we’d been warned us about. Luckily, Laura was on guard the whole way through, not only walking around to correct improper form, but yelling words of motivation and encouragement that kept us soldering on!

I could start flipping this thing like a girl's meant to... but after 60 minutes of this I'm just gonna pose inside it instead

Nearing sixty minutes of hard intense work, although our energy was beginning to flag, the endorphins were most definitely kicking in and, as we completed our tenth and final station, the entire room was buzzing with adrenaline. High fiving our partners (and everyone around us!), Laura took us into a final cool down, where we stretched out the muscles, relaxing both body and mind.

The important part - the changing rooms, of course!

Nonetheless, the experience didn’t stop there, and as we left the studio to refresh our very sweaty selves, ‘changing rooms goals’ were brought to a whole new level! Bright and spacious, with vintage style gold taps and waterfall shower heads, kitted out with Kiehl’s toiletries, KXU printed towels, GHD’s straightners and tongs, the lockers even contained USB points for you to charge up your mobile during class. They really did think of everything!

Kiehl's - yes please

On top of this, if you really want to go the extra mile, there’s even a beauty and wellness clinic on site, offering everything from massages and facials to ‘Bodyshock’ body contouring and cosmetic medicine. They don’t do things by halves in Chelsea, after all! 

Great café to refuel

Albeit at Chelsea prices. £7.45 for a coconut water?!

 So, would I go back?! You bet! Whilst membership comes at a hefty £2,000 to join, then £575 per month membership fees on top, thankfully classes can booked separately for a bargain price of  £24. Well, bargain in comparison, right?! OK, so whilst it is cheapER, you can’t deny it’s still a pretty high price tag, but as a something a little more special to ‘treat’ yourself to, it’s definitely worth the experience. 

KXU - I'll be back soon!

Visit for more information and to book onto your next class. Hopefully I might see you there!


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