Brunch at MNKY House, Mayfair

When your reservation confirmation highlights a "casual smart dress code. No sportswear allowed" - you know this isn't going to be any ordinary brunch. This is a MNKY brunch....

MNKY (pronounced monkey) House

Sitting in the heart of Mayfair at no.10 Dover Street, this luxury Latin American themed venue is famous for combining all the elements of a good night out - bar, restaurant, nightclub - under one roof.  Split across two floors, with an intimate and exclusive lounge bar on the ground and a main restaurant beneath, whilst it's currently known as one of the best evening venues in the city, the next step is to translate that success into London's growing brunch market....

Given my free time nowadays is basically spent sweating and eating, this works for me!

Brunch with monkeys

As we entered on Sunday afternoon, walking through the block wooden doors and down into the dark yet glamorous restaurant floor, I felt a strong sense of appreciation they'd warned on the dress code.... Lycra would not have been appropriate here! Greeted at the bottom of the stairs by the concierge, we were shown to our seats in the centre of the open restaurant area. As the live jazz band began to play behind us, the waiter popped open a bottle of Prosecco and filled up our glasses.

Moet <3

I like this place already.

He then proceeded to talk us through the brunch menu, highlighting his favourites from both the 'savoury' and 'sweet' sections. Anyone who knows me will know I'm ALL about the sweet brunch options - it's the one meal of the day where cake is acceptable, why would you waste that opportunity? At the same time, the options on the 'savoury' list also sounded incredible.... so when the waiter advised we should really have two courses, one from each, we immediately made a connection! :P

Brunch Menu

Scouring the menu, I made a decision on the Huevos Shakshouka - eggs, tomato sauce, peppers and avocado. Aside from the fact I held on the avocado, cause avocado = gross green goo, no matter how instagram accounts will try to convince me otherwise. I mean, why do that to your self when you could have a side of cured salmon instead?! Of course, I went for the latter.


The shakshouka came in large cast iron pot, with two large, freshly baked eggs right in the centre of a rich tomato sauce, which looked almost too good to eat. I say almost. Rushing a couple of quick snaps so I could tuck in immediately, the warm, freshly baked bread served on the side meant I was able to mop up every last little bit. That makes for a happy Hannah :-)

Same dish, this time with Avo. And a Monkey, apparently. 

Whilst Seb went for the same as me (Shakshouka, although with the avocado and a side of Sautéed Papas - aka potatoes), Ria made a show stopping choice with her Huevos Rotos - potatoes, smoked salmon and fried eggs. With a side of streaky bacon, cause needs must (we had all just finished a boxing class- FYI. That's our excuse and we're sticking to it!)

Callum, meanwhile, went for the classic option -  sourdough toast topped with guacamole and poached egg. Poached to perfection, egg porn was on point.... even if I did miss the standard yolk boomerang. Yes, that and a hatred of avocado - sorry, I'm a failure of a food/fitness blogger!

Sourdough toast with egg and guacamole

With our prosecco glasses being filled up more times than I could care to count (literally, every time we took a sip it suddenly became magically full again), it was soon on to round two - DESSERT.

Prosecco, food and monkeys
Since great minds think alike, Ria and I both went for the waffles topped with fresh figs and red fruit sauce . The chefs recommendation - and it's 100% clear why. The waffle itself was fresh and crispy, of course served with a dollop of rich creme fraiche on the side to give that perfect creamy compliment.

My perfect waffles (I don't know why this sounds rude?!)

As I say, a renowned sweet tooth - backed by anyone who's ever witnessed the pain in my face when someone orders a cheese board as desert (IT'S NOT DESERT!), trust my opinion - this is not one you want to skimp on.

Well, I say that, but then by the looks of the chocolate pancakes ordered by brain child Callum, this is also one you wouldn't want to bypass....

Pancakes with chocolate sauce

Even Seb's French Toast, which would usually fall under my 'what the hell are you doing, order a REAL desert' category looked incredible....

French toast with berries and almond ice cream

OK MNKY House, so I wouldn't usually be SO favourable about somewhere I can't wear leggings to... but .... when can I come back?!

Good thing the place is open till 3am.... Whilst Mayfair's most beautiful people drink champagne and party, I will quite happily sit in the corner eating my way through an all day brunch feast. Shameful? Perhaps. But when the foods that good who even cares!

The restaurant

When it comes to price, MKNY House is very reasonable all things considered. OK, so it's probably not justifiable as your everyday choice, but it doesn't try to be. An extra special environment, extremely attentive service and food to die for, all for £8-£12 a dish.  Admittedly, some of the portions were a little on the smaller side... but that just  gives you the perfect excuse to order two.

So much love

MNKY, what can I say. Substance as well as style, high class but not at all snooty - thank you for such a lovely afternoon, and I can't wait to return (just find me a spot in the corner, near the kitchen)...

MNKY HSE Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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