Rock Climbing at The Third Space Soho

Next class.... Rock Climbing at The Third Space Soho!

What they say: 
Learn how to tie-in properly, use the self-belay and top ropes to climb our indoor Climbing Wall.

What I say: 
Ok, so I admit the description doesn't really sell the class... but turns out the class really does sell itself! As a beginner, I went along not too sure what to expect - I didn't want to sit in a school type 'lesson' just learning how to tie knots and clip on harnesses, but this totally wasn't the case , as there was people of all levels in attendance. The pro's went straight to wall to begin their climb, whilst myself and one other guy (the 2 beginners!) were given an introduction, where the instructor showed us how to safely 'tie-in' (i.e. attach the harness - more complicated than it looks!), then it was straight to wall for our first climb!

Intensity: 5/10
Having presumed I wouldn't have enough upper body strength to physically pull myself up, I was pleasantly surprised at how manageable I found it. Because you use a combination of pushing from your feet, and pulling from the shoulders, I was able to make it to the top of the wall each the roof a satisfying tap each time I made it!

Reached the top!

The good thing is that there are lots of options to make it easier or harder depending on your level. As a beginner, our first task was to simply climb the wall, but we then moved on to following particular colour blocks, using only the tucks in the wall, climbing with only one hand, etc. The wall features an overhang, an abseil ledge (my favourite part, if a little scary!), and routes of varying difficulties which are changed regularly. The pro's in the class got a little more inventive - one climbed up blindfolded, whilst the other did it wearing boxing gloves! Neither of which I was confident enough to try out- just yet at least.....

Smiling on the wall!

Instructor: 10/10
It was the instructor who really made this class for me, she was absolutely fantastic.... and extremely patient! Despite the fact I kept forgetting how to tie my harness up, and where to correctly position my hands when releasing the ropes, she was extremely helpful and remained just as enthusiastic throughout. If I'd of been her I'd of wanted to bat me across the head!! To top it all off, she had just flown back from Canada that day - with severe jet lag and a very forgetful beginner to teach, she did better than I could of!!

Amenities: 10/10

Deluxe Changing Rooms

Just like the Marylebone branch, Third Space Soho has very luxurious facilities, with REN toiletries in the changing room, Redken hair products, Parlux hairdryers and GHD straighteners. They even offer a wash and press service, where they will launder any old gym gear and place it back in your locker, fresh and ready for the next workout. Now that's convenience!

Value for Money: 6/10
Although all your gear is provided (harness, ropes, climbing shoes etc), with membership at £150 per month, if all you want to do is climb then this probably isn't the most cost effective for you. Having said that, with all the amazing things on offer at The Third Space, there's no way all you'd want to do is climb! They have a full range of fitness classes, a Gyrokinesis studio,  a Hypoxic Chamber, Boxing Ring, and a Swimming Pool, Sauna and Spa... so you'd definately get your moneys worth!

Would I go back?
Totally! The only slight downside to the class was that 50% your time was spent on the floor holding the ropes for your partner... whereas I was just eager to get on and climb! The club does, however, have two self belays to allow you to climb on your own - meaning you can spend the full time on the wall. After you've completed a few classes and are confident enough to sign your life away on the dotted line, you're free to go in and climb whenever you wish. I can see it becoming my new favourite pastime!


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