Primal Series Strength at LA Fitness

After hearing the success of the new, exclusive Primal Series programme at the purse friendly gym chain LA Fitness (class bookings have been up by 50% since its launch in January!), I was delighted to receive a 3 month pass for their clubs, where I can try out the classes and see what all the fuss is about.

Primal Series in action!
The Primal Series program consists of 30 minute dynamic, high intensity classes, taking fitness back to basics by building on natural movement with the latest functional training kit and techniques. With a program consisting of the five different classes below, I'm looking forward to giving them all a shot:

* STRENGTH: to bolster explosive strength and tone your entire body.
* CORE: working on stability, reactions and strength 
* RENEW: deep tissue muscle massage that builds tone and boosts flexibility and recovery 
* PERFORM: explosive sports- based activities 
* CONDITION: support, condition and strengthen body’s natural movements 
Given I love my weights workouts so much, naturally it was the Strength class I tried out first. Here's my review! 

Primal Series Strength

What they say:  
Dig deep with Kettlebells, Slam Balls. Vipers and Powerbags to bolster explosive strength and tone your entire body.
Viper strength
What I say: 
A blend of boot camp and cross fit, this class provided all over body strength and conditioning - a fun yet 'manageably' challenging class!  The area had 4 separate stations, set up with the strength training equipment listed above. Each person started at a different station, completed one minute of the assigned exercise, before moving on to the next one. Once all four stations had been complete, we were instructed to complete 20 burpees in one minute, before we began all over again! Going back to our starting stations, the next round used the same equipment yet in a slightly different way - working all body parts imaginable! 
The exercises included Press ups, Squats and Leg Twists (VIPR station); Arm Tilts, Lateral Raises and Planks (Power bag station); Chest slams, Russian twists, and Standing Jump Slams (Slam Balls station); and finally Swings, Windmills and Shoulder Presses (Kettlebell station). Yes - all packed into 30 minutes - talk about hardcore!! 
Slam balls
Kettlebell Swings
Intensity: 6/10 
When we were told the back-to-back structure - particularly the 20 burpees in between circuits - I'm sure can understand my horror! However luckily there was time to catch a quick breather in between, so it wasn't uncomfortably intense, but enough so that you felt you had worked :-) Although it was primarily a strength workout, I definitely still felt my heart rate raise, so would recommend it for anyone who wants to tone and burn fat at the same time - two for the price of one!
Burpees as a 'break' - ha!
Instructor: 6/10 
The class was taken by Josh, with the Health and Fitness Manager Steffie in accompaniment. As this was a new program to Primal Series, which launched only this week, Steffie was there making sure the routine was followed correctly! Given it was the first time he had done the class, Josh did a great job - encouraging and motivating throughout. With only spaces for 6 people in each class, Josh took the time to really advise (and correct!) us each on a one-to-one basis - meaning I wasn't getting away with any little 'tricks' to make the exercises a little easier :P 
Steffie pushing me to my limit!
Amenities: 4/10 
In comparison to the Boutique gyms I've reviewed, LA Fitness doesn't quite match up in terms of amenities, however this is not what they are all about, and what they do offer  is perfectly adequate - fresh towels, clean and warm showers, hair-dryers, and a large changing rooms with lockers. OK, so there may not be REN toiletries and Diptyque candles dotted about.... but not everybody needs that! LA Fitness focuses more on the workout itself.... kind of the point I guess!
Changing rooms - fairly bog-standard, but everything you would need
Value for Money: 10/10  
With membership starting from £30 a month (the  average price for a single hour class at many of the boutique fitness venues I've reviewed!), given this includes full gym and pool access, in addition to all your classes, you really can't ask for better value than this! 

Would I go back?  
Totally! I'm already booking my next one :)
Visit and you can sign up for a free trial at your nearest location (including their new premium LAX gyms)


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