Where to eat in London... Whyte and Brown, Kingly Court

When someone says to me 'craft beer', my immediate response is 'craft burger'. It's like Tom and Jerry - the two kind of go hand in hand now, don't they? But what about craft beer.... and free range chicken?

Whyte and Brown

Ok, so I admit it doesn't quite have the same ring to it, but when it's done by Whyte and Brown, it throws craft burgers out the water!!

Kingly Court

A simple concept, Whyte and Brown have created a delicious menu featuring chicken in all it's forms - from 'nibbles' of Chicken Crisps (roasted and salted chicken skins), to starters of Buttermilk Goujons and Hot & Sticky Wings, to mains including Souvlaki (marinated chicken thigh skewers), Drunken Chicken Burgers (ale infused mince with beer battered onion rings in a brioche bun) and Pulled Chicken Baps, I never knew there were so many variations on the humble chicken!!

The menu

But vegeterians, don't worry, the menu  also caters for you! For starters I choose the meat-free option 'Summertime on Toast' - a delicious and colourful dish featuring smashed pea ricotta cheese on toasted ciabatta bread, topped with heritage tomatoes, olive oil and peashoot salad leaves.

Summer-Time on Toast

Extremely tasty and refreshing, I would have been raving hugely about it, had it not have then tasted Sasha's starter - the Black Pudding Scotch Egg. It definitely stole the show! After Sasha had ordered it I was nervously picturing the Black Pudding my Dad would have as part of his fry up breakfast, the kind that oozes with blood as its cut into. But this was different -  the black pudding was chicken based (meaning more meat than blood!), coated in a golden crumb and served with chive mayo and sun-blushed tomatoes. A definite highlight, and a must try for anyone who visits!

Black Pudding Scotch Egg

Next up came the main courses. Facing my usual dilemma of what to pick from all the equally appealing choices, I went with the waiters advice and chose their classic Chicken Paillard. The biggest chicken breast I have ever seen (it literally covered the whole of my plate!), alongside a flavourful and fresh salad of heritage tomatoes and wild rocket, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice, any food envy I had from my starter was immediately forgotten as I tucked into my amazing monstrosity. I soon became quite thankful I'd gone for the vegi starter!

Chicken Paillard

Meanwhile, Sasha was treated to a Chicken, Bacon and Cheddar burger. Minced thigh on toasted brioche, topped with caramelised leeks, streaky bacon and melted cheddar, it most definitely exceeded both our expectations. You can order fries for the side (including sweet potato ones, usually a no-brainer), but Sasha seemed to find the burger itself filling enough. And following my gigantic chicken portion, I too was feeling very satisfied!

Chicken, Bacon and Cheddar Burger

All in all, a fantastic evening, and I would definately recommend you give it a shot. Great value for money, main courese range from £10.50 -£13.50.... not a price you would expect for such generous portions and fresh ingredients! To top it all off, the service really couldn't have been better. Although the restaurant was busy, our waiter greeted us immediately, showed us to the table, and kept at our beck and call for the entire evening :P Food was cooked freshly but in good time - no hangry customers here (a now all-too-familar concept Sasha introduced me to, where you feel angry because you're  hungry).

So give it a try, I promise you won't be disappointed :-)

Captured thanking the waiter for the delicious meal he'd just laid in front of me!

Sasha equally as happy with her burger on a board!

The restaurant

Time to dig in!

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