EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) by Exerceo Training

What they say:

Exerceo Training exercises your body using state of the art electric muscle stimulation technology. Our training sessions will help you reach your target body shape, in as little time and effort as possible.  You’ll only need to come once or twice a week, for 25 minutes a time to see results.

What I say:

OK, so when it comes to ‘fads’, I’m probably the most skeptical person out there. Whether it be the latest diet that promises to lose you a stone in 2 weeks , or a new fitness craze that promises instant results- I maintain it’s only the basic principles that work – eat well, exercise, and do it regularly!

So when Exerceo Training promised that their new 25 minute EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) workout would give me the same results as 1.5 hours in the gym,  I can't say I was convinced! Nonetheless, as something new and different, I was more than willing to give it a shot (…. I just wasn’t expecting much from it). BOY, was I wrong!

What we did:

As I entered the studio at Parsons Green, I was greeted by my trainer, Chrissie, who gave me a quick briefing on the principles of the system. 

The workout timeline

Chrissie explained, during traditional exercise, the brain sends signals to the muscles which brings about the contractions - makes sense, right? So, by mimicking the actions of the central nervous system, EMS activates your muscles in a similar way, but by sending external impulses through electrodes onto the skin, which reach deep into the muscle layers. Put simply, the machine will work your muscles without you having to think about it!

The gear

After changing into the kit that Chrissie provided me with (as you have to be wearing 100% cotton, Exerceo training provide everybody with freshly laundered leggings and a top), I went into the studio to find Chrissie spirting water onto a (very unattractive) vest. “The water is to activate the electric sensors”, she explained, as she hooked me up to the wires and EMS machine.

Prep done, it was time for the workout!

Ready to go!
Intensity: 10/10

So, thinking this was exercise for more lazy people, I expected I would just sit down and let the machine do its work - a bit like those SlendorTone ab belts (which I had once worn whilst eating my dinner!!).  But no, Chrissie made sure I was going to work...and work hard!

As she turned up the intensity on the machine, we began the full body workout. And, given the sessions are limited 2 attendees max, there's absolutely nowhere to hide! Squats, shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep dips – you name it – all made doubly as hard by the fact the machine was also activating additional muscles below the surface.

Five minutes of Boxing Cardio nearly killed me! Thinking I had perhaps lost a LOT of fitness with my leg injury (I was to be able to run 10K no problem!), Chrissie assured me it's the machine that makes it extra exhausting. 

Squatting - ouch!
Finishing with abs, Chrissie once again turned up the intensity for the electrodes surrounding my stomach, ensuring the final sit ups, crunch ups and twist turns really finished me off. 25 minutes later, it felt as though I’d had a full day in the gym! 

Ammenities: 7/10

Exerceo training currently offers EMS at 2 locations – Parsons Green and Shoreditch. I visited the Parsons Green studio, which had all the amenities’ I would expect from a luxury fitness boutique -clean showers, fresh towels and helpful toiletries all provided. Although I don’t know the brand of the shampoo, I know it was a good one - it made my hair extra shiny! 

Clean showers
Makeup remover, hair dryer, straighteners...all set to go! 

Instructor:  10/10

Although being new to EMS, as an experienced personal trainer and fitness coach, Chrissie was fab, and really ‘made’ the experience for me. Friendly and funny, she had me laughing through the pain whilst pushing me to the next level! 

Price: 7/10

One session of EMS will cost £50 which, admittedly isn’t cheap, however the more sessions you buy the lower the price becomes – e.g. buy 20 sessions and it works out at only £35 a shot. Best value, however, is their contracts, which begin at £180 for four weekly sessions, or £300 for two sessions a week.

But if you're still not 100% convinced, click here and book a trial session absolutely free - no strings attached. I promise, once you try, you will become hooked!

www.somuchmore.co.uk - check it out!

And once you are hooked, you can even use your SoMuchMore pass to continue visiting the studio. For those who aren’t familiar with SoMuchMore, this is a monthly membership card that allows you access to hundreds of boutique fitness studios all around London, for only £69 a month! Visit www.somuchmore.co.uk to find out more and sign up for a free trial.

Would I go back?

I already have! After experiencing another equally challenging workout with Chrissie, I’m now hoping to try out their other studio, in Shoreditch, soon. I've been told after 4 sessions I should begin to see a noticeable difference – I’ll keep you posted!

Shoreditch studio


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