The Hottest New Workout in London... Best's Bootcamp!

Best's Bootcamp
What they say:

First there was Barry's, then 1Rebel... Now welcome the newcomer on the luxe-fitness block; Best's Bootcamp. With elite trainers delivering exclusive programmes, utilising treadmills and floor based exercises the sessions are tailored specifically to focus on endurance or intensity. With a highly personalised approach and more hands on attention that you will receive in any other group setting, Best's Bootcamp ensures the toughest workouts are accessible at any level.

Bloggers filling the reception area
You know it's a room full of women when the chatting actually drowns out the DJ Booth!

What I say:

Anyone who has ever discussed fitness classes with me (or, indeed, read this blog!) will know how much of an advocate of Barry's Bootcamp I am, so when I heard my favourite fitness studio had a new rival in town, I was intrigued. Could this really match the all American favourite, hardcore classes at Barry's?

A gaggle of Female Fitness Fiends!

Well, I was about to find out, as I was lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive blogger preview a couple of weeks before the studio launches to the public. Located on the upper concord of Charing Cross Station, I made my way down one Thursday evening where I, alongside 29 other fitness bloggers, mingled in the lobby, intrigued as to what our upcoming experience may entail!

Shake Pre-Orders
After pre-ordering a post-workout shake from the 'Blend Bar' menu (I went for Choco-mint), and grabbing a bottle of Evian (it was going to be necessary!), we entered into the new and innovative studio.

The floor
With two rows of treadmills, and an open area with weights on the floor, the set up is very similar to Barry's, but with some small modifications/improvements:

1. Rather than just dumbbells, Best's use a combination of kettle bells, medicine balls, power bands and dumbbells, ensuring all the muscles are engaged in different manners

Weights for everyone
2. Rather than a hard bench, Best's has had soft fabric blocks, called 'Best Blocks' specially produced for their classes. Not only are they much more comfortable to lie on, but can also be positioned stood up on their side, allowing you to alter the intensity of the exercises involving some sort of elevation (e.g. squats, tricep dips etc)

Position on their side for slightly easier squats!

3. Rather than struggling to know what exercise you're actually meant to be doing, Best's features a unique Trainer Cam which displays an instructor demonstrating the correct movement. With the cameras offering a 360-degree visual experience, alongside various instructors going round the class and correcting your form, you can be sure you're on top technique throughout the class. As they say, once you've paid for a session, you want to be sure you're getting the best from an instructor technique...not copying the person blocking your view infront of you!

Correcting the technique
4. Rather than playing the same old playlist day in day out, Best's has a new sound track EVERY day, with their resident DJ mixing fresh tracks for each session. Open to every DJ in London to enjoy, keep a look out for some pretty big names. Who knew, from DJ-ing in clubs to DJ-ing in gyms - it's the new best thing!


A high impact, high intensity workout! Working on a similar principle to Barry's, half of the class begin on the floor, the other half on treadmills, however at Best's the intervals are much shorter, and the participants switch spots after only 7 minutes. On the treadmills, you're running at various intensities, speeds and inclines, the paces of which have all been pre-set to save time in between switches. However, on the floor, you still don't get away from the cardio, as you're doing everything from box jumps, bunny jumps, squats, chest presses, shoulders presses and, of course, a little/lot of abs!

Medicine Ball Ab crunches (with me doing some slight modification due to protect my back injury)

After a quick 50 minutes, composed of 6 x 7minute rounds, we were done (!!) and entered into a much needed stretch and cool down.

Me at the back, stretching it out!



Our class instructor, Lee, is actually the MD of the company - yet even alongside managing a team of elite instructors, he also finds time to teach a class or too! With all the instructors being qualified to a minimum of level 3 personal training, you know you're always in safe hands, and after talking to another instructor, Michelle, who's training mantra is 'relaxed but relentless!', each has their different take on the class to try out.

Speaking with Michelle - we didn't plan to co-ordinate our outfits, promise!!


Cooling it all down!
This is where Best's really excels! Above is the Best Blast Shower,  a cooling airstream shower which blasts you with cool air to stop you sweating before you get dressed....for those times when you want to head home for your shower!

Then on to the toiletries....

I spot a familiar label!!

KIELHS!! Yes, Kiehls - my favourite, and the only studio so far who has offered their brand of toiletries in the changing rooms and showers. Not only this, but GHD straighteners and hairdryers, fresh fluffy towels for post shower, lavender scented cooling towels during the workout, fresh bottled Evian as you enter and, of course, the shake bar to re-fuel after all that burnt off energy!

Freshly prepared protein shakes

All ready!
Whilst it was the peanut butter shake that seemed to be the favourite amongst us fitness bloggers, I was more than happy with my choice - chocolate protein powder, almond milk and fresh mint - it was like a liquid Aero (only much healthier!). My only qualm would be that it was ever so slightly on the small side, but that didn't matter too much as it meant I had enough room to demolish the delicious healthy treats provided in our Best's goody bag on the way home!


At £20 per class, Best's is priced inline with most other London studios, including Barry's Bootcamp. However, recognising you have to try it to believe it, Best's is offering all you readers a chance to try your first session for free! Just visit and click on '1st class'.

Would I go back?

Absolutely! Due to my slipped disc, I unfortunately couldn't participate fully in the class and only managed a small amount of the floor work. But as soon as I am fully healed and recovered, I can't wait to get back down to give it a proper shot!

Shake done, time to head home!
Many thanks to Action PR for organising the event, Marcel Grabowski Photography for the great images, and Best's Bootcamp for a fantastic workout!

Best's opened on Monday, so hurry and book your place to try out your free session. What have you got to lose?!


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