Best lunch in Chelsea? Megans, Kings Road

Megans, Kings Road

So when Zanna Van Dijk (Personal Trainer, Author, Health and Fitness Blogger, Adidas Ambassador, and GirlGains co-founder) recommends a spot for lunch, with a job title like that, you know it’s gonna be good! So, going out of my zone 1 bubble (we’re talking zone 2 here guys!!), I went to visit Megans on Kings Road, Chelsea, with high expectations… and luckily they didn’t disappoint!

Coconut cappuccino - hard to get right!

Visiting around 2pm on the Bank Holiday Monday with my friend Pauline, the cafĂ© come restaurant had an atmospheric buzz, with a mix of families, friends, young, old, locals, tourists all setting down for a tasty treat. Shown to our table in the front area, we sat down and had a glance through the delicious looking menu….

All day breakfast options

Drinks to begin - and, whilst this would usually be an easy choice with a standard Diet Coke, the incredible looking fresh juices and smoothies being brought to the tables next to us threw a slight  spanner in the works! All dairy free, freshly squeezed and blended on site, the menu options include smoothies (mixed berry, passion fruit, omega avo), juice blends (kale greens, apple ginger and carrot) and single juices. Not wanting to fill ourselves up on the thicker looking smoothies (had to save room for the delicious food that was about to come), we went for the apple, ginger and carrot juice. Perfectly sweet with just the right amount of ginger to give it a kick, it was a hit!

So fresh!

And as it turns out, it was just as well I saved room for the food! With a breakfast menu of pastries, porridge and breakfast grills, to the all day brunch menu of brioche baps, chorizo baked shakshouka, freshly made salads, burgers and kebabs, Megan’s certainly offers something for everyone.

Such a cute and quirky interior

Keeping it light, Pauline decided on the Chicken and Mozerella Toasted Sandwhich whilst I, however, went for Chicken Skewers served with my choice of 3 salads... after having eyed them up on the display at the counter...

Asian Greens and Spiced Chickpea with Roast Peppers
Honey Roast Carrots and Caesar Salad Base

OK, so you know when you’re in a restaurant and you see something come out to a table and get serious food envy? Well that happened. As the waitress brought over a wooden board with a GIGANTIC sizzling piece of meat, Pauline and I, and both the tables next to us, looked on in awe…wishing we had ordered the steak.

BUT, fear not, because as she moved closer towards our table and laid it down in front of me, we realised no, it wasn’t steak after all, just my GIGANTIC chicken skewer!! 4 chunky pieces of meat, coated in gentle spices and chargrilled to perfection, served with roasted Med vegetables on the side (not overly oily, as I find in the majority of places), I was  feeling super smug with my feast!

Calling it 'Chicken Skewer' on the menu just doesn't do it justice! 

Thinking there was way no way I’d finish out, turns out I made a pretty decent dent in the thing, and even managed to delve into the salads too (they were too good not to!). Funnily enough, whilst it was the Spiced Chickpea and Roasted Red Pepper salad that caught my eye initially, it was the Asian Greens that were the clear winner. This may have been mostly down the roasted broccoli, the veg I recently found a huge love for. Yes, my childhood self hates the person I’ve become!!

Our delish feast

Whilst the dessert options looked absolutely incredible (slabs of ‘Snickers Bake’, Banana and Coconut Loaf, Seasalt and Nutella Cookies) we were both so full that we just couldn’t find the room – and when I’m refusing something sweet, you know there’s a serious reason behind it!! Instead, we ordered a couple of coffees (skinny capp for me, mocha for Pauline) and sat chatting for a good hour…potentially more. 

Maybe it was the relaxed atmosphere, maybe it was the fact we had a LOT to catch up on, I don’t know – but with Megans having such a warm and comfortable environment, we could have stayed all day!

Snickers bake... incredible slabs!

All in all, top marks for Megans. Prices were reasonable - particularly given the generous portion size (£17 for my skewers and salad), food was extremely tasty, service was fast without being rushed, and staff were attentive without being annoying.

Daily offers
Well done Zanna, you’ve done it again, another top recommendation!! Next time I visit I’ll definitely be stopping off for one of her HIIT classes at Un1T which just so happens to be only a short walk up the road….  I’m without a doubt Zanna will have me work up a big enough appetite to manage a main AND dessert!!  

Such good food!

How about you, have you been to Megans? Or Un1T? Or both?!

Megan's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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