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I want to open this post with two key points:

1. I am not a dietician and I don't hold any nutritional qualifications. Whilst I have done a lot of research into what I deem healthy eating, everything I write is my own opinion - if you are seeking proper nutritional advice, see a professional.

2. I am not vegan, and nor do I try to be. I am also not vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, soy free, GMO free - you get the picture. The only thing I try to be 'free from' is restrictions.

Which is why I try to lead a healthy, balanced diet most of the time - which, in its most simplest form, comes down to an adequate consumption of protein, carbs and fat, inline with your lifestyle and daily activity. Whether it be daily workouts or cycling to work and back, as my lifestyle is heavily based around physical activity, it therefore requires the correct fuel to support it. In particular, protein.


Thus, my interest picked up when I was invited to try out a new product by the brand Rejuvenated - a company that initially began with anti-ageing beauty supplements. Recognising the growth of active lifestyles within their female target consumer, they then expanded their range with the introduction of hydration and protein products - in the form of a vegan protein smoothie and protein soup.

Now, I know what your thinking, sounds like one of those fad meal replacement, weight loss programs right? You'd be forgiven for thinking so - that was my first reaction when I politely turned down the review opportunity. However, after looking into it, turns out Rejuvenated is so much more than that. Sure, it can assist you with losing a few extra pounds- the Rejuvenated Re-set program has been created specifically to achieve long-term healthy weight loss and put an end to yoyo dieting - but it can also be used alongside a healthy diet to help you achieve your protein goals, particularly for those of us who participate in sport and lead an active lifestyle.

Founder - Kathryn Danzey

Whilst protein targets for individuals varies greatly depending on the source - government recommendation is approx 0.8g per kg of bodyweight, sports professionals suggest it's closer to 2g per kg. Personally, I aim for even more than this, as I know my body type and, with my high level of activity, this is works for me.

But too much protein is bad for you right? Again, you'd be forgiven for thinking so, but it's important to point out that the same government document that lays out the 0.8kg recommendation for protein intake also notes that's there is no level of protein that has been proven to cause adverse reflects. Thus, it has been argued their recommendation is more of a minimum RDA, yet with volumes of research showing that the majority of us each much more than this, we've come to some sort of mythical conclusion that we're all eating "too much" protein.

Protein Smoothies - Chocolate and Banana

But what is 'too much' protein? We've all heard the stories - this will cause a "strain on your kidneys", or any extra protein will just get "weed out". Sorry, but there's little evidence to support any of this. Think about it - if you donate a kidney, your remaining one has to work twice as hard, yet if it can remain healthy, a little extra protein is unlikely to destroy it!

Secondly, your body is a highly sophisticated mechanism and protein is effectively another source of energy - e.g. calories. Unfortunately, we cannot simply just wee out calories! It is used is your body primarily for fuel, repairing muscle, and storing any excess as fat. So, provided your total protein intake is inline with your overall calorie expenditure, I personally don't believe that, for an active individual like myself, shooting for 120kg a day is a bad thing.

Rejuvenated Berry Smoothie

That said, with my protein aim being the equivalent of four to five chicken breasts a day, occasionally I need a little assistance! Whilst I don't believe you should rely on supplements as part of your daily diet, if you are using them as exactly that - a SUPPLEMENT - then all in all, I'd Rejuvenated is a pretty good option to go for...

Protein Soups


- It's made from pea protein. Aside from being 100% vegan for the animal conscious of you out there, I prefer pea protein as find it much easier to digest than whey, which has been known to cause funny pains in my tummy!

Chocolate Protein Smoothie

- It tastes incredible! Coming in three flavours - Strawberry, Chocolate, and Banana & Butterscotch - each is sweetened with 100% natural ingredients, therefore doesn't have that sickeningly sweet/false taste you find in many other protein shakes.

- The texture is great. Whilst pea protein can often suffer from a more grainy/powdery like consistency, Rejuvenated is blends perfectly to a rich and creamy consistency. Helped by the glucomannan (see more below) it's thick even mixed only with water, meaning you don't have to double the calories by blending with milk/banana/nut butter etc (although you can if you so wish to!).

- It fills you up. Aside from the fact pea protein itself is digested slower than other forms, what is unique about Rejuvenated is that their product also includes glucomannan, a fibre that increases satiety. Coming for the Konjac plant, glucomannan absorbs water and expands in the stomach, making you feel fuller, reducing appetite and therefore helping with healthy weight loss.

Chocolate Protein Banana Bread

- It can be used for baking. For the times when you don't want a shake, or want to add a little extra protein to your home-baking, Rejuvenated has a range of recipes for you try . I'd highly recommend the chocolate protein banana bread!

- The pea protein also comes in a soup form. Giving you one of your five a day in each mug, I've found these perfect as a mid afternoon snack when I would have usually reached for the biscuit tin. With each sachet containing 12g of pea protein, anti-oxidant packed freeze dried mushrooms, and less than 70 calories per sachet, it's incredible how they fill you up and take away that 3pm sugar craving!

Protein Soup


- Just one, but it has to be noted - "Green tea to enhance healthy metabolism". Not that I mind the fact the product contains green tea, I have no issues with the antioxidant rich 'superfood', however I personally don't believe that, unless you take extreme quantities, green tea is going to significantly or noticeably increase the amount of calories your body will burn. Sorry, you need to get to the gym for that one!


Great product, great brand, great value for money. Highly recommended for anyone vegan or non-vegan, seeking a convenient way to get more protein into their diet.

Rejuvenated Products

Visit to see the full range, including their best selling collagen shots and intriguing ReSet Energy boosting product.


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