2010 Fashion Round up : No. 8 - Chanel's Iceberg

At no.8 in the top fashion moments of 2010 we have the iceberg at the Chanel catwalk show:

Karl Lagerfeld. The exhibitionist could not simply put on a simplistic, minimalist, catwalk show. No, Lagerfeld had to go all out - with a life-sized, 265 ton, 28 foot-high iceberg. Imported from northern Sweden just for the show, it was composed of snow and ice, a combination that is apparently called "snice" in Chanel Land. Well hey, if we can push two words together (jeggings, treggings.... scousers!), then surely the man behind Chanel can do it too!

The Grand Palais, where the show took place, was kept at four degrees below Celsius (about 28 Fahrenheit) to keep the ice piece from melting. I'm sure the fashion pack took full advantage of the opportunity to get out their winter furs.

Sparing no expense, the 'berg was carved by 35 ice sculptors from around the world in six days. Not that Lagerfeld needs to be worrying about the credit crunch - last year's sales were reportedly the best in the label's history.

The show certainly lived up to the hype - the  Chanel extravaganzas are known to be a pivotal moment in each Paris fashion week.



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