My little bit of luxury....

Hope you all had an awesome christmas, and santa spoiled you all rotten :D

I have to post about my favourite Christmas present. It's not because it was my main present. It's not because its the present I'd been desperate to get. It's not even that it was the most expensive present. It simply felt the most special present.

In amongst the parcels of clothes and jewellery (most of which I picked myself, therefore already knew I was getting!), I spotted a shiny black bag with the embossed Tom Ford logo. Tom Ford? What could it be? Must be perfume, I thought to myself, with a small "maybe I can return it" thought, as I pictured the countless perfume bottles I have in my room which I always forget to use.

But as I lifted the bag, it felt far too light to be perfume. My mum, clearly sensing my bewilderment, laughed, urging me to just open the dam thing! So, I untied the thick black ribbon, unraveled the crisp tissue paper, and lifted out the perfectly formed rectangular box.

Shade 03 - "Cherry Lush"

LIPSTICK! Opening the box, I unscrewed the strong white casing, and spiralled up the bright crimson colour. It was so pretty! There was even 'TF' carved into the top of the stick, and the rich red pigment seemed to literally glow.

It may seem silly that my favourite present was a simple lipstick. Especially when you add in the fact that, working at the Body Shop, I have countless of them. But this one is special. It's luxury - something I would never buy myself. I love that it was a ridiculous price for a lipstick. I love that its packaging is completely over the top. I love that every time I apply it, I will be reminded of that luxury feeling. Even if I am applying it alongside my clothes from Primark!

To top it all off, it even came with these free samples :D perfect sizes  for my handbag




  1. That color looks gorgeous! What a great gift. I love your blog background btw. :)


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